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Fees paid to Isle Royale National Park help to augment the cost of preserving and maintaining this special place. The park would not be able to provide quality services, facilities, or experiences without your financial assistance.

Entrance Fee Basics, How Do I Pay? Park Passes, Special Permit Fees, Your Fees at Work, Entrance Fee FAQs

Moskey Basin Dock taken from the shore.
Your entrance fees are used to support park projects like dock maintenance and trail rehabilitation.


Entrance Fee Basics

  • The park charges a $7 per person daily entrance fee to enter or remain within the park per calendar day. This includes the day you arrive and the day you depart the park.
  • The Isle Royale Season Pass costs $60 and will cover up to 3 people traveling with the pass holder (4 total) for all visits during the entire season (April 16 through October 31).
  • All Federal Recreation Passes (Annual, Military, Senior, Access, and Volunteer) are honored. Entrance fees will be waived for the pass holder and up to 3 adults (16 and up) traveling with the pass holder (4 total).
  • Children 15 and under are exempt.
  • Check out common entrance fee questions.
How Do I Pay Entrance Fees?

All Federal Recreation Passes (Annual, Military, Senior, Access, and Volunteer) waive entrance fees for the pass holder and up to 3 adults (16 and up) traveling with the pass holder (4 total). As long as you show your pass upon park arrival, you do not need to pay in advance and there are no further entrance fees.

There are several methods to pay:

  1. Most Preferred: Pay in advance at pay.gov (avoid congestion and long waits upon island arrival).
    • Type Isle Royale into the search block (located in the upper left corner).
    • Scroll down to Isle Royale NP Individual Daily Pass or the Isle Royale NP Season Pass.
    • Select "Continue to Form" for either option.
    • To pay, fill in your personal information, transportation arrangements, and payment information.
    • Print or electronically show your receipt using a smart phone to show proof of payment upon arrival.
  2. Least Preferred: Entrance fees can be paid and passes purchased at Rock Habor, and Windigo upon island arrival. Large volumes of visitors disembarking a ferry and paying fees upon arrival can create congestion and long waits.
    • Personal checks are no longer accepted at these two visitor centers.
  3. If your entrance fee charge will be greater than $60, consider purchasing an Isle Royale Season Pass.
  4. Visitors with Federal Recreation Lands Passes (Access, Annual, Military, Senior) do not pay entrance fees. There is no need to access the pay.gov system. Upon park arrival, show your pass with a valid ID.
  5. The Houghton Visitor Center is happy to assist all visitors in-person or over the phone with paying entrance fees or issuing passes. If we can be of assistance, contact the park.

If I have paid fees in advance, do I need to permit upon park arrival?

Yes. All overnight visitors on Isle Royale still need to permit at a visitor center upon arrival at Rock Habor or Windigo (Ranger III passengers permit during the boat crossing to the island). You will show proof of entrance fee payment during the permitting process.

For additional entrance fee questions, check out the Entrance Fee FAQ section.

Scenic Front Images of the Annual, Senior, and Access park passes.

Park Passes

A number of different passes are available for purchase and issue at any park visitor center, including the Isle Royale Season Pass.

America the Beautiful Passes such as the Annual, Senior, Access, and Military are valid at Isle Royale. Learn how park passes can reduce the entrance fees you and your party pay. If you have any park pass questions, please feel free to contact the park.

The Isle Royale Season Pass

You can order your $60 Isle Royale Season Pass on line at pay.gov. Search Isle Royale Season Pass and click on "Continue to Form."

Your printed pay.gov hard copy or digital receipt will be your pass. Please bring it with you to the park. You will be asked to show it upon arrival to Houghton, Rock Habor, or Windigo. If desired, you may exchange your pay.gov receipt for a physical pass at this time.

You may also obtain your Isle Royale Season Pass in person when you arrive at Houghton, Rock Harbor, or Windigo though this increases wait times after disembarking ferries.

The following activities within the park may require additional fees:
  • Group Camping (7-10 individuals)
  • Weddings
  • Commercial Filming or Still Photography
  • Commercial Services (tour groups, outfitters, etc)
  • Special Events
  • Any activity outside of normal park use
Employee cutting a leaning tree with a chainsaw
The fees you pay to Isle Royale go to projects like clearing downed or unsafe trees from trails.


Your Fees at Work

The fees you pay while visiting stay in the park and improve and upgrade services and facilities. Every year as many projects as possible are funded and completed. Projects mostly focus on trail, campsite, and dock maintenance, but any project that improves visitor services may be considered. See what your fees have helped to fund over the last ten years.

Last updated: July 11, 2019

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