Buildings and Trails Projects

During the construction season, the National Park Service typically has multiple projects happening to improve Cuyahoga Valley's buildings and trails. These are in addition to our river restoration projects. Sometimes our employees and volunteers do the work themselves. Other times, it is done by contractors or partners.

This page highlights a few of the larger projects. As work progresses, we add photos to the galleries. If there are any closures needed, they are posted on our current conditions page.

A brown pedestrian bridge over a river.
The pedestrian bridge opened on July 27, 2023.


New Pedestrian Bridge in Boston

The Summit County Engineer worked with the National Park Service to build a pedestrian bridge over the Cuyahoga River that links Boston Mill Visitor Center with Boston Store Trailhead. Planning and design happened in 2021. Site preparation began in February 2023. The trusses were installed in May. The contractor built the ramps up to the bridge and layed the concrete floor in June and July 2023. The bridge opened late July 2023. Visit the Summit County Engineer's project page for more information, including a map and design drawings.

This bridge connects both sides of Boston, creating a pedestrian-friendly campus along the Cuyahoga River. The main parking lot is now at Boston Mill Visitor Center, which opened in October 2019. Boston Store Trailhead has accessibility parking only. It serves people with limited mobility who are shopping or using the Towpath Trail. There is an unpaved overflow lot nearby at Boston Trailhead.

The National Park Service must carefully consider the effects of creating new paved surfaces. The new lot at the Boston Mill Visitor Center is preferable for environmental and fiscal reasons. It is farther from the river and is better designed to address runoff and capture potential runoff before it reaches the river.

Train coming down the tracks surrounded by trees

NPS / Robert George

Track Closure and Maintenance

Cuyahoga Valley National Park and Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad are working together to stay on track with safe operations. It is challenging to maintain a historic railroad next to a river. The Cuyahoga River is a complex system and due to changes in precipitation over time, river flooding and erosion is more prevalent. Visitor safety is of utmost importance to Cuyahoga Valley National Park and Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad. We are doing everything we can to reopen the tracks as soon as possible for you to have a fun and safe experience.

Renderings of a new loop parking lot in two views one close up and one further away.
The new Stanford trailhead in two views.

Conservancy for CVNP

Stanford Trailhead Project

The park is working with the Conservancy for CVNP to create a new trailhead on Stanford Road. The NPS Centennial Challenge awarded Cuyahoga Valley National Park a $500,000 matching grant to build the new Stanford Trailhead. This trailhead will improve access to trails in the area, provide new facilities, and more parking. To learn more about the project visit the Conservancy for CVNP's website.

A view from Riding Run Trail of the section of Everett Road to be removed.
The section of Everett Road being removed by Summit County.

NPS / Bob Trinnes

Everett Road Removal

In 2021, Summit County decided to close the portion of Everett Road between Farmstead and Wheatley roads. The county began removing the pavement of the road in fall 2022. Hikers should be aware of the construction when on Everett area trails and stay on the trail. Summit County closed this section of road because of erosion issues and access to alternative routes. Their contractor completed this phase of work in May 2023. In the future, the county plans to remove the vehicular bridge over Furnace Run.The road will be restored to natural habitat. The erosion means the area is not sustainable for a trail.

View of eroded riverbank from kayak.
A view of an eroded riverbank along the Cuyahoga.

NPS / Ainger

Stabilizing the Riverbank for Continued Access

Rivers naturally erode the soil along their banks. Having infrastructure like the Towpath Trail and railroad next to the river makes it challenging to maintain them. The good news is that CVNP received funding from the Great American Outdoors Act’s Legacy Restoration Fund to stabilize eight locations along the Cuyahoga River.

A local contractor, River Reach Construction, was selected for the design-build project. The contractor visited the sites with project managers in late December 2022. Early 2023 work included documenting wetlands and geotechnical soil borings. This is part of an environmental compliance step and sets the project up for future monitoring. Each site is going through a separate design process. Pre-bid meetings occurred on June 7. For more information check out our news release.

Slender tree with yellow leaves in a black pot; in the background, a muddy field and rolls of gray metal fencing.
Approximately 12 acres of land will be restored to a natural state.

NPS / Mallory Klein

Restoring Open Space through the Great American Outdoors Act

Made possible with funding from the Legacy Restoration Fund, created by the Great American Outdoors Act, 33 non-historic structures will be removed from 11 parcels of land throughout the park, and approximately 12 acres of land will be restored to a natural state.


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