a bald eagle sits on a stump in a lake
An American bald eagle sits on a log in Acadia National Park Pond in Acadia National Park, ME on September 30, 2020. (Photo by Will Newton/Friends of Acadia)
The magestic bald eagle can be spotted in a variety of environments in Acadia, along lakes, the coast, or high off Acadia's mountain cliffs.

Bald eagles thrive along the coast of Maine and here in Acadia National Park. However, that use to not be the case. Just like another well known bird, the peregrine falcon, bald eagles suffered from DDT accumulation throughout the 50's and 60's causing their populations to crash throught much of North America. Luckily, due to DDT being banned in 1972, the protection of the endangered species act in 1973, and conservation work done throughout North America by state and federal govenrment agencies, non-profits, and a variety of individuals, bald eagle populations have rebounded. Due to a successful restoration effort, bald eagles were removed from the endangered species list in 2007. Whether you are hiking a mountain, kayaking in the ocean, or driving park loop road; throughout Acadia you have an opportunity to see bald eagles.

There are two species of eagle that live in North America. Only the bald eagle lives in Acadia National Park. Bald eagles are opportunists. They will often eat whatever they can find. But, here in Acadia with the ocean and many freshwater lakes and ponds, bald eagles primarirly fish. With their roughly 7 foot wingspans, bald eagles can be seen soaring all around the park moving from location to location.

Golden eagles are very rarely seen in Acadia. Golden eagles prefer wide open spaces with fields that allow them to hunt. Golden eagles can be spotted from Cadillac Mountain during the Cadillac Mountain Hawkwatch on occasion. Sometimes during migration, golden eagles get driven by weather to the coastline and pass overtop Cadillac on their further trip south.

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    Last updated: March 18, 2022

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