Springs & Seeps

Hydrological map of Mojave National Preserve

General location of springs and seeps in Mojave National Preserve. Colors correspond to USGS Quad maps listed below.

NPS/Boris Poff

For an alphabetical listing of springs and seeps in Mojave National Preserve, click here.
Bighorn Basin (1:24,000)
Barnes Spring
Basalt Spring, et al.
Budweiser Spring
Bull Canyon Spring
Cottonwood Spring (east & west)
Coyote Springs (seep, #2, bottom pool, upper)
Fork Spring
Lower Dad Spring, et al.
Lower Falls Canyon Spring
Mine Spring
Pine Spring
Ruff Spring
Sidedraw Spring
Snake Spring (grotto/source; bottom/intermit;bottom of springbrook)
Twin Springs
Unnamed Springs #15-28
Unnamed Spring #30
Upper Dad Spring
Upper Falls Canyon Spring (west fork, east fork, east fork above)
Willow Spring, et al.
Castle Peaks (1:24,000)
Barnwell Seep
Bathtub Spring NY
Castle Peaks Spring
Coats Spring
Dove Spring
Malpais Springs (upper and lower)
Rock Cabin Well
Taylor Springs
Willow Spring - NY
Cima Dome (1:24,000)
Cut Spring, homestead NW shallow well, homestead SE shallow well, Cut Spring unnamed spring 2-4
Deer Spring
Ginn Mine
Kessler Spring
White Rock Spring

Clark Mtn (1:24,000)
Black Bird Mine Spring
Colosseum Gorge Seep
Dripping Spring
Ivanpah Springs (deep well/shaft, dirt seep, qanat, 2nd qanat)
Whiskey Spring, Unnamed USGS Spring Clark 1 & 2
Willow Spring (Clark Mountain)

Columbia Mtn (1:24,000)
Bullock Spring
Chicken Water Spring
Columbia Mine Spring
Coyote Spring MH
Globe Canyon Spring
Gold Valley Spring
Mexican Water Spring
Silver Lead Spring, (drinker, qanat, trough)
Summit Spring
Colton Well (1:24,000)
Cave Spring
Domingo Spring
Unnamed Spring #4
Unnamed Spring #31
Whiskey Spring
Crescent Peak (1:24,000)
Indian Spring (Castle Peak)
Juniper Spring

Fountain Peak (1:24,000)
ABC Spring
Adam Anna Ore Mine Spring
Blind Spring (aka Jennifer Spring)
Blind Spring West
Cornfield Creek
Cornfield Spring (west)
Dam Good Spring
Finger Rock Spring
Foshay Spring
Goldstone Canyon Seep
Goldstone Canyon Spring
Pipewrench Spring
Spring A (ABC Group)
Spring B (ABC Group)
Spring C (ABC Group)
Unnamed Spring #13
Vulcan Mine Pit Lake
Warm Springs, (seep in Wash, seep in
upper wash)
Winston Basin (bottom, #2, moist
drainage 3, #4, above #4, top, etc.)

Granite Spring (1:24,000)
Granite Spring
Henry Spring
Hackberry Mtn (1:24,000)
Hackberry Spring
Negro Mine Spring
Oak Spring
South Hackberry Spring
Vontrigger Spring (seep, springbox)
Hart Peak (1:24,000)
Malpais Springs (upper & lower)
Hayden (1:24,000)
Macedonia Spring
Providence Mill Site Hand-Dug Well
Tough Nut Spring
Tough Nut Well
Unnamed Spring #14
Homer Mtn (1:24,000)
Piute Spring
Indian Spring (1:24,000)
Cane Spring (east, north, west, west (top), south seep)
Ivanpah (1:24,000)
Big Hunch Mine
Bronze Mine
Cliff Canyon (upper & lower)
Garvanza Spring
Keystone Spring
Lecyr reservoir/Lecyr Well
Lecyr Spring
Live Oak Canyon Spring
Mail Spring
Pachalka Spring, (shaft, shallow qanat)
Sagamore Mine Seep
Sagamore Mine Spring
Slaughterhouse Spring
Unnamed Spring #29
Wayne’s Spring
Joshua (1:24,000)
Clark lower, mid, between mid and upper, upper
Sacaton Spring
Marl Mtns (1:24,000)
Marl Spring (trough, qanat, seep)
Mid Hills (1:24,000)
Bath Spring
Bathtub Spring MH
Beck Spring (aka Cane Seep)
Big Burro Seep
Burro Spring (& Upper Burro Spring)
Butcher Knife Spring
Cabin Spring 1-4
Cedar Canyon Spring
Cedar Canyon Narrows Spring
Clark lower, mid, between mid and upper, upper
Cottonwood Spring MH
Holiman Spring (qanat, hand-dug well)
Install New Drinker
Jasper Spring
Jenny 1
Jenny 3
Live Oak Spring (lower qanat, upper qanat, North Fork qanat, North Fork trough)
Pinto Valley (1:24,000)
Big Hunch Mine South
Caruthers Canyon (top pool, pool 2-3, USGS Gauging Station)
Fourth of July Canyon Creek
Government Holes (well & trough)
Howe Seep (lower)
Howe Spring (upper)
Matt Spring
Rock Spring
Upper Rock Spring
Soda Lake North (1:24,000)
MC Spring
Soda Springs
Van Winkle Spring (1:24,000)
Arrowweed Spring
Arrowweed Spring qanat
Granite Canyon Spring
Horse Hills Spring
Quail Spring
Van Winkle Spring (drinker, qanat)
Wild West Spring
Woods Mtn (1:24,000)
Black Diamond Spring
Ford Lake
Lance Spring 2, 3
Twin Buttes
Watson Wash
Watson Well
Woods Mountain Spring

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