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Springs & Seeps: Indian Spring (1:24,000)

Cane Spring east, north, west, west (top), south seep

MOJA Spring ID(s):
INSP 1-4, 6
General Location: Indian Spring
Elevation: 978 – 1045 m
History: NA
Type of spring:
Pluchea, Anemopsis, Baccharis (Cane Spring east). Riparian vegetation grows in the drainages of Cane Spring south seep. Anemopsis californica w/B. sergiloides , Asteraceae shrub, Baccharis sergiloides, Isomeris arborea, wetland monocot; tall, dry, pithy-reedy stem, Nicotiana under rock with dead cholla , Pluchea sericea; grass in lower pool, small, sedge-ish plant, algae in pool, grass & Typha at Cane Spring west.
Animal Use: deer, burro, Say's phoebe, Ruby crowned kinglet, tad poles, frogs, Big Horn Sheep
Aquatic biota: NA
<1 l/m
Water quality: At Cane Spring west (top): pH: 8.48, Conductivity: 1588 (µS/cm), TDS: 791 mg/l
Site Condition: Cane Spring west (top) is a natural desert spring! Situated in a stream channel within a lava flow. The seepy/wet area is stratigraphically below the lava. Surface water and small flow for approx. ½ mile. Ample burro signs; many bones; great plant diversity.
Type of disturbance: NA
Type of infrastructure/diversion:
At Cane Spring east, there is an eroded or dug-out area where water drips from the top.
Photos: Yes

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