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Springs & Seeps: Soda Lake South (1:24,000)

Spring Name: Alkaline Spring
General Location: Soda Lake (Soda Lake South)
Elevation: 258 m
History: Alkaline Spring is located right off the historic Mojave Road at the edge of Soda Lake and has some historic and pre-historic significance. Remnants of a drinker and piping are still visible.
Hydrogeology: The spring was located at the edge of a wet playa.
Type of spring: Dry
Vegetation: One mesquite tree and grasses
Animals using spring: None
Aquatic biota: None
Ephemeral: no, dry, even during wet weather
Discharge: dry
Water quality: n/a
Site Condition: moderately disturbed
Type of disturbance: historic diversion and drinker
Type of infrastructure/diversion: 20 meters of historic piping and the rusted remnants of a drinker are present.
Photos: no

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Park or preserve? Like other parks with the designation of "national preserve," Mojave National Preserve is managed under the same guidelines as national parks. The main difference is that hunting is allowed in national preserves, but not in national parks.