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Springs & Seeps: Marl Mtns (1:24,000)

Marl Spring (trough, qanat, seep)
MOJA Spring IDs: MAMO1T, 1q, 1
General Location: Marl Mountains
Elevation: 1178 – 1187 m
History: grazing
Hydrogeology: NA
Type of spring: Qanat, trough, seep
Vegetation: Veronica in water in sandy mud with Cyperaceae and starthistle. Centauria melitensis, coral flowers, at edges of wetland below tank in damp, sandy loam. Bromus. Mesquite in the upland.
Animal Use: bats
Aquatic biota:
Water quality:
pH: 7.08, DO: 73.1 %, Conductivity: 611 (µS/cm), TDS: 297 mg/l, Salinity 0.3 (0/00)
Site Condition:
highly disturbed
Type of disturbance: livestock, diversion
Type of infrastructure/diversion: Qanat is excavated diagonally into side of granite slope; vertical distance from water surface to slope surface is approximately 10’. About 3” above water line white mineral crystals have precipitated on some of the rocks. Qanat bottom is very rocky with cobbles and gravel, some sand. Top of pipe/diversion system is not visible. Volume in storage is approximately 30ft3. Some roots are still visible sticking through rock fractures from the dead mesquite directly above the qanat adit. Timbers leaning within adit enable access into the qanat.
Photos: Yes

Did You Know?

photo of rattlesnake

The venom of the Mojave rattlesnake is extremely toxic and causes more respiratory distress than that of any other North American rattlesnake. Due to its unique hue, it is known locally as the Mojave green.