American Units at Yorktown


Commander-in-Chief: General George Washington
Inspector General: Baron von Steuben
Adjutant General: Brigadier General Edward Hand
Chief of Artillery: Brigadier General Henry Knox
Chief Engineer: Brigadier General Louis Le Begne de Presle Duportail
Lieutenant Colonel Jonathon Trumbull, Jr.
Superintendent of Materials in the Trenches: Colonel Samuel Elbert
Commissary General: Colonel Ephraim Blaine
Quartermaster General: Colonel Timothy Pickering
Assistant Quartermaster General: Lieutenant Colonel Henry Dearborn
Chief Physician and Surgeon: Doctor James Craik
Aide-de-Camp: Lieutenant Colonel Tench Tilghman
Aide-de-Camp: Lieutenant Colonel David Humphreys
Aide-de-Camp: Lieutenant Colonel David Cobb
Aide-de-Camp: Lieutenant Colonel William S. Smith
Aide-de-Camp: Lieutenant Colonel John Laurens

Right Wing: Major General Benjamin Lincoln

First Division(Light Infantry): Major General Marquis de Lafayette
Advance Guard
Pennsylvania Volunteer Riflemen: Major William Parr
4th Regiment Continental Light Dragoons: Colonel Stephan Moylan
Armand's Partisan Corps: Colonel Charles Teffin Armand

First Brigade: Brigadier General John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg
First Battalion (8 Massachusetts Companies): Colonel Joseph Vose
Second Battalion (1 Rhode Island, 2 Massachusetts and 5 Connecticut Companies): Lieutenant Colonel de Gimat
Third Battalion (1 New Jersey and 5 New Hampshire Companies): Lieutenant Colonel Francis Barber

Second Brigade: Brevet Brigadier General Moses Hazen
First Battalion (1 Connecticut and 4 Massachusetts Companies): Lieutenant Colonel Ebenezer Huntington
Second Battalion (2 New York and 5 Connecticut Companies): Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Hamilton
Third Battalion (1 Massachusetts, 1 Connecticut and 4 New Hampshire Companies): Lieutenant Colonel John Laurens
Second Canadian Regiment: Lieutenant Colonel Edward Antill

Second Division: Major General Baron von Steuben
First Brigade: Brigadier General Mordecai Gist
3d Maryland Regiment: Lieutenant Colonel Peter Adams
4th Maryland Regiment: Major Alexander Roxburg
Delaware Recruits (attached to 3d Maryland): Captain William McKennan

Second Brigade: Brigadier General Anthony Wayne
1st Pennsylvania Battalion: Colonel Walter Stewart
2d Pennsylvania Battalion: Colonel Richard Butler
Virginia Battalion: Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Gaskins

Third Division: Major General Benjamin Lincoln
First Brigade: Brigadier General James Clinton
1st New York Regiment: Colonel Goose Van Shaick
2d New York Regiment: Colonel Philip Van Cortland

Second Brigade: Colonel Elias Dayton
1st and 2d New Jersey Regiments (combined): Colonel Mathias Ogden
1st Rhode Island Regiment: Lieutenant Colonel Jeremiah Olney

Attached Units
Artillery Brigade: Brigadier General Henry Knox
Detachment, 1st Continental Artillery: Lieutenant Colonel Edward Carrington
2d Continental Artillery: Colonel John Lamb
Detachment, 4th Continental Artillery: Captain Patrick Duffy

Engineers: Brigadier General Duportail

Detachment, Sappers and Miners: Captain James Gilliland

1st Virginia State Regiment in Continental Service: Colonel Charles Dabney

Virginia Militia Division: Brigadier General Thomas Nelson, Jr.
1st Brigade: Brigadier General Robert Lawson
2d Brigade: Brigadier General Edward Stevens
Weedon's Brigade: Brigadier General George Weedon
Lewis' Rifle Corps: Colonel William I. Lewis

Compiled from Colonial National Historical Park Historic Resource Study The Allies at Yorktown: A Bicentennial History of the Siege of 1781 by Jerome A. Greene, November 1976

Last updated: February 26, 2015

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