Armand's Partisan Corps

Armand's Partisan Corps

Organized in 1778 at Boston as a partisan corps under the command of Colonel Charles Armand Tuffin, recruited primarily from foreigh volunteers. Adopted 25 June 1778 into the Continental Army as the Free and Independent Chasseurs, to consist of three companies, and assigned to the Highland Department. Relieved 3 August 1778 from the Highlands Department and assigned to the Main Army.
Expanded 9 November 1778 to consist of four companies. Relieved 24 November 1778 from the Main Army and assigned to the Middle Department. Relieved 30 June 1779 from the Middle Department and assigned to the Highlands Department. Relieved 23 December 1779 from the Highlands Department and assigned to the Main Army. Consolidated 23 February 1780 with Pulaski's Legion. The consolidated unit was the redesignated as Armand's Legion, an element of the Southern Department, to consist of five companies.
Consolidated 1 January 1781 with Captain Henry Bedkin's Independent Troop of Light Horse. The consolidated unit was was reorganized and redesignated as the 1st Partisan Corps, to consist of three mounted and three dismounted troops. Relieved 11 March 1783 from the Southern Department and assigned to the Middle Department. Disbanded 25 November 1783 at York, Pennsylvania.

New York 1778
New York 1779
Defense of the Carolinas

The information contained in these unit lineages is taken fromThe Continental Army by Robert K. Wright Jr. published by the Center of Military History, 1989.

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