Wheelchairs & Mobility

Rental wheelchair at Old Faithful
A loaner wheelchair at Old Faithful (available at nearby lodges and the visitor education center).

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Yellowstone has nine visitor centers and information stations. The visitor centers at Canyon Village, Old Faithful, Mammoth Hot Springs (Albright), Grant, West Thumb, and West Yellowstone are accessible. The Fishing Bridge visitor center is partially accessible. Visitors at the Norris and Madison visitor centers may require assistance.

Wheelchair Rental

Manual wheelchairs are available for loan at Old Faithful, Canyon, Mammoth (Albright), Grant, Fishing Bridge and Norris visitor centers, and all lodging facilities, except Roosevelt Lodge, while staying in those areas. Wheelchairs can be rented, on a first-come basis, at medical clinics.

Medical Clinics

The three medical clinics are accessible. Only Mammoth is open year round. Wheelchairs can be rented for $15 per day, with a $300 refundable deposit (cash or credit card).

Designated Accessible Parking

Accessible parking is designated in all major areas and at some overlooks, outdoor exhibits, and picnic areas.

Motorized Personal Vehicles

Motorized wheelchairs and scooters that are designed solely for use by a person with a mobility impairment are allowed.

Stand-up Devices

Visitors who would otherwise need to use manual or motorized wheelchairs are allowed some use of the Segway® Personal Transporter and similar stand-up personal vehicles. Although wheelchairs are allowed wherever pedestrians are allowed in Yellowstone National Park, standup personal vehicles do not meet the description of a wheelchair and their use is limited for safety reasons.

  • Operators must have a federal Access Pass in their possession.
  • Stand-up personal vehicles may be used on sidewalks, at paved overlooks (such as Artist Point in the Canyon area), and in campgrounds.
  • Stand-up personal vehicles are not allowed in buildings, on or along the edges of major roads (because of congestion, visibility, and vehicle speeds), on boardwalks (because of their proximity to hydrothermal features and the hazards associated with these areas), or on backcountry trails.
  • Speed limit for stand-up personal vehicles is no greater than 2–3 mph (3–5 km/h), which is equivalent to walking. (36CFR Section 1.5 (a)(2))

Service Animals

Qualified service animals assisting people with disabilities are allowed and must be leashed. A service animal is defined as a dog that performs some of the functions and tasks that the individual with a disability cannot perform such as carrying a pack for persons with mobility impairments, assisting persons with balance, or alerting medically-dependent persons of specific conditions such as oncoming seizures.


Accessible restrooms with sinks and flush toilets are located at all major areas except West Thumb. Accessible vault toilets are found at some scenic overlooks, picnic areas, and campgrounds. Accessible vault toilets are located just inside the East and South entrances, and on the right side before the West Entrance gate.

Service Stations

Service stations are staffed seasonally during daylight hours and have call buttons at the pumps.


Accessible ATMs are available in the major areas.


Accessible dining options include fast food restaurants and dining rooms.


Accessible lodging is available in all areas of the park.

Post Offices

The Mammoth, Old Faithful, and Grant post offices are accessible. The Mammoth Post Office is open year-round.

Stores & Gift Shops

The Mammoth, Old Faithful, and Canyon areas have accessible general stores, gift shops (in lodging), and bookstores (in visitor centers). The accessibility of stores in other areas varies.

Picnic Areas

Accessibility at picnic areas is improving. Check the picnicking page, the NPS Yellowstone National Park app, or ask for a free handout at visitor centers to learn more.


An accessible fishing site exists on the Madison River. Learn more about fishing regulations in Yellowstone.


Bridge Bay Marina and Grant Village have accessible boating facilities. Read more about boating regulations in Yellowstone.


All campgrounds have at least one wheelchair-accessible site except for Fishing Bridge RV Park. Two backcountry campsites are maintained to accommodate wheelchair users. Read more about backcountry accessibility in Yellowstone.


Accessible showers are available at Grant Village Campground and the Old Faithful Inn.

Walkways & Self-Guiding Trails

Most walkways and self-guiding trails have at least one accessible route.

Exhibits & Viewpoints

There are many accessible roadside exhibits and viewpoints. Visitor center exhibits are accessible as noted in the area descriptions.

Ranger Programs

Check calendar listings for accessible programs (also available in the park newspaper, at visitor centers, and entrance stations).

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