Backcountry Accessibility

The backcountry and recommended wilderness of Yellowstone National Park is for all to enjoy, including people with differing abilities. While wheeled devices are prohibited on park trails and in the backcountry, allowances are made for some devices and wheelchairs when used by people whose disability requires the use of a wheelchair.

Manual wheelchair
A device that is propelled by human power, designed for and used by a mobility- impaired person.

Motorized wheelchair
A self-propelled wheeled device, designed solely for and used by a mobility- impaired person for locomotion, that is both capable of and suitable for use in indoor pedestrian areas.

Stand-up devices are not allowed on backcountry trails.

Accessible Campsites & Trails

The following campsites and trails, while not modified for wheelchair access, are some of the more reasonable options for an individual with a mobility impairment to experience Yellowstone’s backcountry and wilderness.

Goose Lake Backcountry Campsite (05D)
The site is located between Madison and Old Faithful, is 1.5 miles from the Fountain Freight Road trailhead. The campsite is held for people with disabilities, or for people traveling by bicycle until 4 pm each day. After 4 pm, the campsite is released to be booked by the general public. The trail is a hard-packed, dirt, bike path. The campsite is one-quarter mile in from the main trail; wheelchair users may require assistance on the trail to the campsite and within the campsite.

Ice Lake Backcountry Campsite (4D3)
Ice Lake backcountry campsite (4D3) is maintained to accommodate wheelchairs and has an established tent pad, and accessible pit toilet. The trailhead is between Norris and Canyon. The accessible trail is less than one-half mile long. Individuals traveling with a wheelchair may require assistance along the trail and within the campsite.

Other Trails
The Lone Star Geyser Trail near Old Faithful and the Natural Bridge Trail near Bridge Bay are a couple of the shorter backcountry trails/bike paths which are accessible by wheelchair. These trails are mostly level and well-graded.

Service Animals

Qualified service animals assisting people with disabilities are allowed and must be leashed.

Last updated: December 11, 2018

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