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Two visitors walking by the sign in front of the wood, glass, and steel visitor center Two visitors walking by the sign in front of the wood, glass, and steel visitor center

Left image
Old Faithful Visitor Education Center in summer
Credit: NPS/Neal Herbert

Right image
Old Faithful Visitor Education Center in winter
Credit: NPS/Dave Krueger

A look at the Old Faithful Visitor Education Center in the summer (left) and in the winter (right).


Ten visitor centers and information stations are found throughout the park. Step inside one to talk with a ranger, discover more about the park's resources through exhibits and interpretive offerings, or get oriented to the park.

A person photographs an exhibit of a bear while other people examine other exhibits in a room.
Albright Visitor Center

Learn about wildlife and get park information at this visitor center located near the North Entrance.

Visitors walk toward the entrance of the wood and stone Canyon Visitor Education Center.
Canyon Visitor Education Center

See, hear, and learn how the Yellowstone volcano, its geysers and hot springs, and geologic history shape the area's ecosystems.

Three visitors leave the historic, one-story, stone and wood visitor center.
Fishing Bridge Visitor Center

Discover the opportunities available in the Lake area by stopping by this historic visitor center.

Two visitors walk with a ranger down a concrete path in front of the building.
Grant Visitor Center

Coming in from the South Entrance? Stop by this visitor center for park information and to learn about fire ecology.

A stone and wood-log building sits amongst conifer trees.
Madison Information Station

Stop by the Madison Information Station for park information, a ranger program, or to enjoy views of the Madison River.

Two bison graze grass in front of a wood-log building.
Museum of the National Park Ranger

Discover the history of the national park ranger.

A wood and stone building with a sloped roof sits amongst conifer trees.
Norris Geyser Basin Museum

Start here to begin your exploration of the Norris Geyser Basin.

Steam rolls up from a vent with visitors watching along a boardwalk and buildings behind.
Old Faithful Visitor Education Center

Stop by the Old Faithful Visitor Education Center to explore exhibits, watch movies, and learn about the park's hydrothermal treasures.

A visitor strolls across a concrete path toward the small wood-log building.
West Thumb Information Station

Stop by this small information station at the West Thumb Geyser Basin for information or a ranger program.

A long, wooden desk holds pamphlets and other information.
West Yellowstone Visitor Info Center

Stop by this visitor information center to get information about the park and surrounding area before heading into the park.

Photo of Grotto Geyser in the Upper Geyser Basin
Places To Go

Learn more about the amazing variety of destinations in Yellowstone.

Two girls stand in front of a large Yellowstone National Park sign while their dad photographs them
Plan Your Visit

Yellowstone is seasonal. Plan your visit by learning about current conditions, seasons, road conditions, services, activities, and more.

Park ranger starts a campfire at the start of a campground evening program.
Participate in a Ranger Program

Join a park ranger to further your understanding about this special place.


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Last updated: January 25, 2022

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