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In addition to lodges, campgrounds, and restaurants, other services are available:

Learn about Nearby Cities for local chambers of commerce.

Cell Phone Service

Cell phone service is limited in the park and surrounding areas. The park does not maintain coverage maps or keep up with roaming agreements so it is important for you to check with your provider for their coverage areas if you need to be in service. Cell service may be accessible in some developed areas and at the North and West entrances. There are cell towers at Mammoth, West Yellowstone, Old Faithful, Grant, Lake, and on Dunraven Pass. Service is available in most of the communities that surround Yellowstone and along some of the major highways leading to the park but visitors will find many areas without coverage throughout the region. As a courtesy to others, please silence your mobile device while enjoying Yellowstone’s natural features.

Areas with reliable cell phone coverage for most carriers include:

  • Mammoth Hot Springs
  • Canyon Village
  • Lake Village
  • Grant Village
  • Old Faithful
  • West Yellowstone
  • North Entrance (Gardiner, MT)

The sheer number of visitors in the busy summer months of July and August can overwhelm cellular circuits resulting in an inability to send or receive a call, text, or data. Texting can be a more effective means of communication in areas with limited service. But remember, there is no a guarantee of service. Under no circumstances should visitors rely on cellular service in Yellowstone.

Wi-Fi is available to visitors for free at the Albright Visitor Center in Mammoth. It is also available at the Mammoth Hotel lounge, the Old Faithful Snow Lodge, Lake Lodge cafeteria, Canyon and Grant Lodges for a fee. Connectivity is very limited and may not be available at all times.

Satellite Phones
Satellite phones are a fairly reliable means of communication at Yellowstone. Visitors should expect dropped calls and periodic lack of service when satellites are not in a position to transmit.


Limited Winter Services

Park concessioners operate lodging and provide other services, including evening programs, snow-coach tours, guided ski and snow-shoe tours, guided snowmobile tours, and wildlife bus tours. Check our Commercial Guided Tours page for a list of businesses that are authorized to provide services in the park.

For information about activities originating outside the park call the local chambers of commerce.

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