Follow the Story

©Micheal Ward
Artist’s impression of how it may have looked from the village site overlooking Coral Cove (Corral Harbor) when Russians and Alaska Natives were on the island hunting sea otters. Illustration by Michael Ward.

As you follow the story you will have two ways to explore Island of the Blue Dolphins:

  • Themes—Organizes consecutive chapters into groups that share a common theme in the story.
  • Chapters—Allows you to quickly access any chapter in the book.

On each chapter webpage look for and explore:

  • A short chapter summary
  • Fact Checks that help readers compare the fictional world Scott O'Dell created to what we now know about the Channel Islands in the 1800s
  • Voices from the Field where researchers and scientists comment on special topics
  • Photos & Multimedia links
  • Teacher Resources with supplemental materials for classroom use, including primary source materials

A Glossary of selected words from the book can be found under Research & Resources.


Last updated: November 29, 2018