Adapting to Life Alone on the Island: Chapter 14

Cave entrance. Tan rock with shrubs surrounding it.
Recently excavated cave on San Nicolas Island. Courtesy of Steve Schwartz.

Karana spends five days at home recovering from her leg injury. When she runs out of water, she leaves for the spring to collect more. Because she is still unable to walk, Karana crawls through brush to get to the spring. The pack of wild dogs tries to attack her. Karana has a bow and arrow and spear with her, but the dogs disappear before she is able to take aim.

She arrives at the spring, drinks and fills her basket with water, then heads to a nearby cave for protection against the wild dogs. Karana stays in the cave for six days while her leg heals. The rock walls of the cave had been decorated with figures cut in the stone by her ancestors.

Karana decides to make the cave into another shelter, and she returns with food and wood when she is well.

After she finishes setting up the cave, Karana returns to where the sea elephants live. There she finds the remains of the larger male, and she takes four of his large teeth to grind into spear points. She now has two new spears to hunt the wild dogs.

Last updated: December 11, 2018