Adapting to Life Alone on the Island: Chapter 11

Location on San Nicolas Island of whalebone hut remains. Courtesy of Steve Schwartz.
Location on San Nicolas Island of where whalebone hut remains were found. Courtesy of Steve Schwartz.

Karana sleeps soundly on the shore after long days of paddling. She takes her baskets and weapons out of the canoe and turns the canoe over so that the waves will not pull the boat out to sea. Content to stay on the island for now, Karana decides to build a permanent home while she waits for a ship to return.

She considers two places for her new home, both near springs and not far from Coral Cove. The spot that is west of the cove seems like the best location. It is near a good spring and close to the where sea elephants (elephant seals) live. The location is also near the den of the wild dogs. Karana plans to eventually kill them. She begins to gather material to build a hut and a fence to keep the island’s foxes away from her food.

Last updated: December 11, 2018