Life in the Village: Chapter 3

Natives with their Canoes, 1827. F.H. von Kittlitz in Litke’s Atlas to Voyage.
Unalashka Natives with their Canoes, 1827. F. H. von Kittlitz in Litke's Atlas to Voyage.

Aleuts hunt sea otters in the kelp beds around the island by paddling skin canoes to the otters' habitat. The hunters use spears to kill the otters and then skin them for their beautiful fur pelts.

Karana is angry that the Aleuts are killing so many otters. She enjoys watching the playful animals and considers them her friends. Karana is afraid that there will be no otters left.

The chief and the villagers watch the hunting crew day and night. They know that the ship is nearly filled with otter pelts.

Eventually Chief Chowig and the villagers see the Aleuts have finished their work and will soon leave the island. They are concerned that the hunters will sail away without paying them for the otter skins they have taken.

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