Surviving on the Island: Chapter 16

Sea cave with rust and black colored rocks and boat in the middle.
Entrance to Painted Cave on Santa Cruz Island. Courtesy of Tim Hauf.

Karana decides to repair the canoe that she left half-buried on the sandspit. She wants the canoe ready so that she can escape if Aleut hunters return to the island. Karana spends most of the summer making the canoe smaller and easier to handle.

When the canoe is finished, she takes Rontu for a paddle around the island. They discover a long, dark sea cave near the headland where Karana built her home.

Karana paddles the canoe deep into the sea cave and finds a wide shelf of rock where she can store her canoe. When they are in the farthest chamber of the cave, Rontu spies a large devilfish (octopus) swimming slowly near the surface of the water. Karana tries to spear it but the devilfish escapes unharmed.

Last updated: December 11, 2018