Surviving on the Island: Chapter 19

Gray and black abalone in tidepool on rocks.
Black abalone in tidepool.

Karana collects red abalone to dry and store as food for the winter. She gathers them from the reef during low tide. Dolphins leap beyond the kelp beds and otters play nearby. Using an abalone fishhook and sinew line, Karana catches fish and gathers sea urchins for dyeing.

Rontu notices the giant devilfish in shallow water, and Karana launches her barbed spear at the eight-armed animal. At first she thinks that she missed her target, but then Karana sees that the devilfish is hooked. It moves away quickly towards deeper waters. Karana holds onto the line and pulls the devilfish on top of a sandbar.

Both Karana and Rontu, who attacks the animal, are injured in the encounter with the devilfish. Karana decides never to hunt devilfish again.

Last updated: December 11, 2018