Boater Permits

Four small, red fishing boats, a large powerboat, and multiple sailboats docked in a marina.
Rock Harbor Marina.

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Overnight Boaters Permit in Advance

Isle Royale National Park requires a permit for all boaters who overnight in campgrounds, at dock, or at anchor.

To Obtain a Boater Permit in Advance

Permit in advance by calling the Houghton Visitor Center at (906) 482-0984.

Ranger III Transportation Exception: If your party and boat is traveling to Isle Royale aboard Ranger III, you do not need to permit in advance. A boater permit will be issued aboard the ferry.


Boater Permit Requirements


Fees & Passes

Private boaters must pay daily entrance fees.

  • To waive daily entrance fees, private boaters will need to present their pass upon arrival to Isle Royale.
  • Isle Royale no longer accepts cash payment for entrance fees or passes. Checks are also not accepted on-island. Only credit card transactions will be accepted.

Day Boaters

Boaters visiting for the day must pay entrance fees and receive an orientation at Houghton, Windigo, or Rock Harbor upon arrival. Day boaters are recommended to permit, but are not required to have a permit.


Last updated: July 21, 2023

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