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Customs Requirements

  • All recreational boaters intending to arrive at Isle Royale from Canada must clear U.S. customs prior to their arrival. This is true regardless of the nationality of the individual or purpose of the visit.

  • All members on-board arriving vessels must have proper documentation such as a valid passport, U.S. Passport card, enhanced driver’s license, Trusted Traveler Program card, or NEXUS card.

  • If you are a Canadian citizen and plan to continue into the U.S., you must visit a port of entry upon leaving Isle Royale waters.

  • If customs cannot be cleared on Isle Royale, you must leave.

A sailboat floats in Washington Harbor.
Many sailors and powerboaters enjoy a stop at Isle Royale on their way to or from Canada.

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Clearing Customs Prior to Arrival

Customs clearance on-island is a last resort option. Rock Harbor is the only entry location where customs clearance is available. If you did not clear customs prior to your visit, expect long wait times (multiple hours) for park law enforcement officials to become available.

Recreational boaters intending to arrive at Isle Royale from Canada should clear customs prior to arrival. This can be done ahead of time in one of three ways:

Learn more about U.S. Customs and Border Protection's pleasure boat reporting requirements.


Private Seaplane Customs

Customs clearance for private seaplane passengers is not available on Isle Royale. Private seaplaners flying to Isle Royale from Canada need to go to a mainland port of entry prior to arriving on-island.


More Information

For more information and updates on current customs requirements, visit U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, or contact Grand Portage Customs and Border Patrol.

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    Boating Guide

    All the information you need to keep you safe and legal while visiting Isle Royale in your boat.

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    Boater Permit Request

    Request a permit in advance by contacting the park prior to your departure.

  • Two fuel pumps sit on a dock with a small building in the background

    Gasoline, diesel and pump-out services are available in Rock Harbor and Windigo during business hours.

Last updated: May 28, 2024

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