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Online CUA Application and Reporting System

Grand Canyon National Park is excited to announce the online CUA system. The system is designed to standardize, modernize, and streamline the CUA application and reporting process. The system allows potential CUA applicants and CUA holders to view available CUA opportunities, apply for CUAs, submit required CUA reports, and pay CUA fees. This online system will NOT affect road-based commercial tour operators. The NPS plans to build out the online system for road-based commercial tour operator use in the future.

We will begin accepting new 2025 CUA applications through the online system October 01, 2024 - March 31, 2025.  The Online CUA System site provides users with a help center that includes a user videos, FAQs, and an assistance request feature. Most questions are addressed in the user video.

Early planning ensures you have a CUA in-hand before you start commercially operating! 

All CUA applications are subject to a $350 non-refundable application fee.
Additional CUA applications to the same park are subject to a $250 non-refundable application fee.

Video: How to Apply for a Commercial Use Authorization (CUA) Permit


2024 applications closed

We are no longer accepting CUA applications for the remainder of 2024.

Application window is closed
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What is a CUA?

  • A Commercial Use Authorization (CUA) is a business permit with the National Park Service that authorizes an individual, group, company, or other for-profit entity to conduct commercial activities and provide specific visitor services within a national park area. The National Park Service will only issue CUAs for commercial activities and visitor services that:
    • are determined to be an appropriate use of Grand Canyon National Park;
    • will have minimal impact on Grand Canyon National Park’s resources and values; and
    • are consistent with Grand Canyon National Park’s purpose, management plans, policies, and regulations.

Do I Need a CUA?

  • A CUA is required if you, as an individual, organization, or company, provide any goods, activities, services, agreements, or other function for members, clients, or the public that:
    • take place at least in part in Grand Canyon National Park,
    • use park resources, and
    • result in compensation, monetary gain, benefit, or profit.
  • Businesses and individuals may not conduct commercial activities in the park without a valid CUA or in a manner inconsistent with the terms of the CUA.

You must be in possession of a valid CUA to conduct business in Grand Canyon National Park.

How much does a CUA cost?

  • Annual Application Fee: A Road Based Tour/Transportation CUA will be charged a nonrefundable application fee of $300. Effective December 1, 2023, all other CUA activities using the new online CUA Application and Reporting System will be charged a nonrefundable application fee of $350. This fee is due with the application submission.

  • Market Price Management Fee: In addition to the application fee, parks are required to collect a reasonable fee to recover the costs associated with administering and managing the CUA program. CUA holders are subject to a market price fee calculated by gross receipts earned from park-based operations. Application fees are credited to the CUA holder upon payment of market price fee. Fees are based on the following:
    • Market Price Fee (% of gross receipts earned from park-based operations)
      • <$250,000.00 - 3% of gross receipts (minus application fee)
      • $250,000.00 to $500,000.00 - 4% of gross receipts (minus application fee)
      • >$500,000.00 - 5% of gross receipts (minus application fee)
    • Payment is due by March 31.
    • Application and Management fees are paid via
    • NOTE: Road Based Commercial Tour/Transportation CUA holders are not charged a management fee.

Do CUA holders have to pay park entrance fees?

How do I apply for a CUA?

  • Instructions on how to apply for a 2025 CUA will be forthcoming.

How long does it take to get a CUA?

  • Grand Canyon National Park requires up to 45 days to process a complete CUA application. Applications are reviewed in the order they are received.

What are the reporting requirements?

  • The holder is to provide the area Superintendent upon request a statement of its gross receipts from its activities under this authorization and any other specific information related to the holder’s operations that the area Superintendent may request, including but not limited to, visitor use statistics, and resource impact assessments. The holder must submit annually the CUA Annual Report (NPS Form 10-660) and upon request the CUA Monthly Report (NPS Form 10-660A).

  • CUA holders must submit an annual report each year by January 31 for the previous calendar year. Failure to return required reports or misrepresentation of statistics or earnings will result in denial of your next CUA application or suspension of your current CUA.

Descriptions and Conditions of Activities and Services Authorized under a CUA

Grand Canyon National Park only issues CUAs for following authorized commercial activities:

  • Road Based Tour/TransportationAuthorizes guided road-based interpretive tours, recreational shuttle services, guided motorcycle tours, and motorcoach charter services. Limited guided hiking above the rim is permitted with this CUA.

  • Backcountry HikingAuthorizes guided day hiking and overnight backpacking trips below the rim. A separate backcountry camping permit is required for overnight backpacking.

  • Bicycle ToursAuthorizes road-based guided bicycle tours. The use of Class 1 e-bikes is authorized with this CUA.

  • Photography and Art WorkshopsAuthorizes road-based above the rim instructional workshops that focus on  the scenic, cultural, and/or natural resources of Grand Canyon to create an instructional based experience designed to improve a photographer's or artist's skills and/or techniques.

  • River Equipment Rental and DeliveryAuthorizes delivery service of rental equipment to Lee’s Ferry and pick up of same at Pearce Ferry for authorized private, non-commercial river permit holders. Transportation of clients to and from put-in/take-out trailheads for passenger exchanges is permitted with this CUA.

  • Tuweep ToursAuthorizes road-based day and overnight guided interpretive tours on the Toroweap Road by motor vehicle. Day trips along the Toroweap Road with stock animals are authorized with this CUA. A separate backcountry camping permit is required for overnight use at Tuweep Campground.


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Additional Information

  • Grand Canyon National Park CUA Revocation and Suspension Policy

This policy memorandum is intended to provide guidance regarding the actions taken in the event of a permittee violation (as defined in this policy). The Superintendent, at his or her discretion, may take actions other than those identified and retains the authority to immediately suspend, restrict or revoke a CUA or deny a future CUA application for reasons not covered in this policy memorandum.

  • Backcountry Camping Permits for Overnight Backpacking Operators

In addition to the CUA, Backpacking CUA holders are required to obtain all necessary backcountry camping permits from the Backcountry Information Center. Find more information about Backpacking Permits on the Backcountry Permits page.

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2023 - 2024 CUA Directory

To view the public directory of 2023 CUA holders, please go to Grand Canyon National Park CUA Directory

Please note, this is not a comprehensive list. This list only shows CUA holders that chose to be included in the directory. If you are representing a CUA holder that spots an error, please contact The Permits Office at


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Phone: (928) 638-7707 (Voicemail only)
We will respond to messages within 3 business days. Messages left over the weekend will be responded to on the next business day.

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