Entrance Fees - Commercial Tours

Commercial Tour Fees

A Commercial Use Authorization is required for any commercial tour company, regional shuttle service company, or local transit company that enters the park.

Commercial Tours -

Commercial Vehicles must show their CUA upon every entry to Grand Canyon National Park.
Grand Canyon National Park only accepts credit or debit cards for all entrance fees, including commercial tour fees. No Golden Eagle, Golden Age, Golden Access, Grand Canyon Park Passes, or America the Beautiful – National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Passes, will be accepted and no exemptions for age.

  • Vehicles with capacity of 1-25: will be charged a Flat Fee of $8.00 per person. Those age 15 and under will be exempt from payment of fees.
  • Vehicles with capacity of 26 or greater: will be charged a flat fee of $300.00.
  • Clients entering in their own vehicle in vehicle caravan or meet guide in the park: In any instance where the clients enter the park in their own vehicle, each vehicle will be charged the regular, single-vehicle fee ($30 Motorcycles, $35 Vehicle). If one or more group members own an America The Beautiful: Federal Lands Pass, each pass will be accepted for entry of one vehicle.

CUA Exception -

Commercial passenger-carrying motor vehicles exception: 36 CFR 1.7 section 7.4
Commercial passenger-carrying motor vehicles. The prohibition against the commercial transportation of passengers by motor vehicles to Grand Canyon National Park contained in § 5.4 of this chapter shall be subject to the following exception: Motor vehicles operated on a general, infrequent, and nonscheduled tour on which the visit to the park is an incident to such tour, carrying only round-trip passengers traveling from the point of origin of the tour, will be accorded admission to the park. (NOTE: Please contact the Permits Office to determine if this exception applies to your group - grca_permits_mail@nps.gov)

Re-entering the Park or Paid at Ventek Machine

Commercial Vehicles must show their CUA upon every entry to Grand Canyon National Park. Entrance passes must be shown to the ranger upon entry if the vehicle is re-entering the park with the same group, or already paid at a Ventek Machine before entering the park for the specific group in the vehicle.
No per person fees are charged as long as passengers are traveling with the original commercial vehicle.
Tour passengers who re-enter the park by other means are subject to per person fees. Entrance Fees are NOT refundable and/or transferable.
The permit is valid for up to 7 days for the same tour group only.

A sepia toned historic photo of six 1930's tour buses parked around a circular driveway with a cylindrical stone tower, several stories high, in the background.
Fred Harvey Tour Buses Parked in front of the Desert View Watchtower. Circa 1938

Grand Canyon National Park #08141



Frequently Asked Questions

If your company believes there was an error for the total of your entrance fee, e-mail grca_permits_mail@nps.gov or email us with the following information:
  • Company Name
  • Contact information
    • E-mail Address
    • Phone Number
  • Date of Transaction
  • Summary of what happened
  • Attach any receipts or documents

You must make sure all vehicles have a copy of your CUA and it is presented to the entrance station staff on every visit to Grand Canyon.
If you operate in the park without a CUA, you run the risk of having your vehicle turn-around at the entrance station, your driver getting a citation, or your CUA suspended or CUA application denied.    

Commercial Vehicles must show their CUA upon every entry to Grand Canyon National Park.
The company driver does not get charged an entrance fee. If there are no clients in the vehicle, there is no fee regardless of vehicle size. 

Only Tuweep companies are authorized to pay entrance fees according to their CUA conditions.

Paying entrance fees is by credit/debit card only.

Currently, companies cannot pay entrance fees online for Grand Canyon National Park.

Companies can pay a ranger at an entrance station. Alternatively, companies can pay at a Ventek machine located in Tusayan, Williams and the entrance stations when rangers are not staffing the stations. 

If reentering, entrance passes (purchased at entrance stations or at Ventek machines) are only valid for the same tour group.

Are Fees Waived on Free Fee Days for Commercial Entry? 

Yes. All park entrance fees, including commercial tour entrance fees and transportation entrance fees, will be waived on Free Entrance Days in the National Parks. 

Am I Charged If We Re-enter With The Same Group After The End of the Fee Free Day Period?

Yes. Visitors that enter a NPS site on any of the fee free days shall not be charged the entrance fee for the duration of their visit in the park. Visitors should not be charged when they exit even if they leave after the end of the fee free day. Visitors that enter a site on a fee free day, leave the site and re-enter after the end of the fee free day period shall be charged the appropriate entrance fee.

Last updated: August 16, 2023

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