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Cabrillo National Monument protects a unique and diverse landscape thriving with life. Follow our science teams into the field and discover the stories of our park’s natural resources and beyond.

A Peek Inside the Cabrillo Adventure Traveling Trunk

December 18, 2018 Posted by: Andrew Rosales

The Cabrillo Adventure Traveling Trunk is designed to introduce teachers and students to the historical, cultural, and natural resources of their National Park, Cabrillo National Monument. Several educational activities, videos, and books connect students to the cultural and historical stories and the science conducted within the park.


Middens, a window into the past? No kiddin’!

December 13, 2018 Posted by: Stephanie Root

Woodrats, also known as packrats, are a pretty common resident in San Diego. These species are known for their large nest composed of plants, shells, and other local materials. These large nests, often overwhelming, have been found to be very helpful to humans. Scientists use part of their nest that is used for waste to look into the past to identify fossils and vegetation composition from thousands of years ago!


Give Wildlife a Break

November 15, 2018 Posted by: Nicole Ornelas

One of our partners, the Climate Science Alliance, recently teamed up with local ecologists and climatologists to assess how climate change is impacting San Diego ecosystems and its wildlife. Based on this assessment, here are 10 things you can do to give wildlife a break. At Cabrillo National Monument, we hope you strive to help wildlife each and every day.


Naturally Speaking: Science Education Series 2018 - 2019

October 17, 2018 Posted by: Nicole Ornelas

Naturally Speaking is a Science Seminar Series that explores the natural themes of Cabrillo National Monument. This year, the series will include topics from a Cabrillo National Monument Law Enforcement Ranger, Botanists, Ecologists, and much more. The concept behind the lecture series is to reach beyond our comfort zones and enhance the way people interact with public lands.


The EcoLogik Project: EcoLogik Workshops 2018 - 2019

October 17, 2018 Posted by: Nicole Ornelas

With the help of our project partners, San Diego Public Library and Cabrillo National Monument Foundation, we are excited to reach new audiences with the EcoLogik Project and extend the role of Cabrillo National Monument as a STEM leader in our community with EcoLogik Workshops 2018 - 2019. In accordance with this mission, we are offering four specialty workshops throughout the year to teach our nature + technology curriculum. We hope you can join us!


Peregrines on Point – Four new healthy chicks for Cabrillo’s resident Peregrine couple!

May 17, 2018 Posted by: Don Endicott

Starting in late February, volunteers and natural resources staff at Cabrillo National Monument have kept tabs on our remarkable aerialists through visual observation and telescopic photography.  Renowned for their speed and hunting skill, Peregrines are the fastest animal in the world, capable of reaching speeds of 200 miles per hour or more when diving down on unsuspecting prey.


EcoLogik Workshop: Biomimetic Loggers

December 12, 2017 Posted by: Nicole Ornelas

EcoLogik is a unique fusion of ecology, nature, and technology that connects the next generation of stewards to the science of Cabrillo National Monument. In collaboration with San Diego Public Libraries and Treobytes, the EcoLogik Project has expanded to include specialty 2-hour workshops that are open to the public free of charge at Cabrillo National Monument and the Downtown Library’s Innovation Lab.


Science by the Sea- Summer/Fall 2017

November 20, 2017 Posted by: Alex Warneke

Check out the Summer/Fall 2017 news and upcoming events from the National Park Service’s Mediterranean Coast Network – Cabrillo NM, Santa Monica Mountains NRA, and Channel Islands NP.


Planting Native Species at Home

November 13, 2017 Posted by: Nicole Ornelas

We have planted hundreds of native species surrounding the Visitor Center at Cabrillo National Monument within the last month. Here are a few highlighted species that you may plant at home or in your surrounding neighborhood. Visit your local nursery to find species like these and many more.


Life on the Rocks Part 1: Baking a Geological Cake

November 07, 2017 Posted by: Alex Warneke

As the water recedes in the tidepools and you look back towards the cliffs, you might find yourself wondering how they have become so perfectly layered- like a well-formed cake or perhaps a mud pie? Join us as we take a step back in geologic time to see how the cliffs of Cabrillo came to be.


Along the Transect Line

October 10, 2017 Posted by: Alex Warneke

In collaboration with supporting artist Audrey Carver and our partners at the Climate Science Alliance, we are excited to host a new installation that explores the beauty of art and data. "Along the Transect Line" highlights each of the major scientific inventories at Cabrillo- from the rocky intertidal ecosystem to the menagerie of birds that call the park home.


It’s Heating Up: Fire Ecology

September 21, 2017 Posted by: Nicole Ornelas & Keith Lombardo

The Northwestern United States has endured significant wildfire disturbance this past season. Find out more about the role of wildfire in our park ecosystems.


NOAA Quantifies Microplastics on National Park Beaches

August 31, 2017 Posted by: Nicole Ornelas

New study from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reports low amounts of microplastics on Cabrillo National Monument coastline. See the results here!


Cabrillo goes on Safari: Expanding Conservation Across Communities

August 04, 2017 Posted by: Nicole Ornelas

This past week, the Cabrillo Science Education Team teamed up with the educators at the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research for an exciting week of conservation and education.


Park After Dark: Great Mysteries Uncovered

July 28, 2017 Posted by: Nicole Ornelas

When the sun goes down a whole new suite of animals emerges. Check out some of our recent nighttime visitors and how we know they are here


Park After Dark

July 28, 2017 Posted by: Nicole Ornelas

At Cabrillo National Monument, we have tons of wildlife spanning across the coastal sagescrub. Birds, insects, and lizards are seen on a daily basis as you journey the designated trails. However, some of our animals are nocturnal or can be a bit shy to the limelight. So how do we precisely know what animals live and visit within the boundary of the park once the sun goes down?


The Secret Language of Bats

July 25, 2017 Posted by: Stephanie Root

Did you know, though, that each bat species speaks a “language” that humans cannot hear? And that some bats can communicate with each other and recognize each other by sound – much like humans do?


Science by the Sea – June 2017

July 11, 2017 Posted by: Alex Warneke

Check out the March 2017 news and upcoming events from the National Park Service’s Mediterranean Coast Network – Cabrillo NM, Santa Monica Mountains NRA, and Channel Islands NP.


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