Cabrillo goes on Safari: Expanding Conservation Across Communities

August 04, 2017 Posted by: Nicole Ornelas
This past week, the Cabrillo Science Education Team teamed up with the educators at the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research for an exciting week of conservation and education. 

Our Science Education Team gets up close and personal with the local wildlifeNPS Photo

The Teacher Workshop in Conservation Science is "a nationally recognized and fully accredited program with a stellar reputation for giving teachers access to unparalleled information and experiences." To date, they have trained more than 1,000 educators from all 50 states and six countries, including the Science Education team at Cabrillo National Monument. Participants are treated to three days of intensive study in the Conservation Education Lab and two evenings at the Roar & Snore campsite within the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. During the course of the workshop, educators work together to frame content standards in the context of wildlife conservation and explore ways to challenge students to apply textbook knowledge of life science to current biodiversity challenges.

Andrew uses PCR techniques to discover the genders of the Endangered California CondorNPS Photo

During the day, modules were presented by the Community Outreach staff and consisted of PCR gender analysis of the California condor, Desert Tortoise spatial surveys, inquiry of animal behavior, biodiversity of the Coastal Sagebrush, energetics of Polar Bears, and endocrinology of elephant reproduction. Each program is available for educators during the school year at the San Diego Zoo, however as a participant, we were presented the material in order to implement such knowledge across the community. 

Additionally, the Teacher Workshop provided extraordinary opportunities that inspired our team as we move swiftly into the next school year. We were able to tour the impeccable veterinary facilities, get a behind-the-scenes look at the new tiger exhibit and of course, a Safari Caravan ride (because would it really be a Safari Park, if you didn't go on a safari). 

Just one of the many awesome opportunities to connect with natureNPS Photo

Our education team gained insightful knowledge and practices throughout this program that we are excited to implement into our own science programs as it pertains to the diverse ecosystem of Cabrillo National Monument and the research done by the National Park Service. Conservation is about collectively inspiring change on a global level, what better way to start than with our educators.

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