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A historical photo of a man standing atop a large log being pulled by a horse.

The Yellowstone National Park Archives' Manuscript Collections contain documents, photos, and ephemera donated by visitors, researchers, and others. The collection is particularly strong in topics such as tourism, concessioners, and photographs.

Search the collections listed below by subject at: . Official records of the Park are detailed on the Yellowstone's Archives webpage.

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A. A. Anderson Papers 1903-1906, 1927 (84 KB pdf)
Adrienne Bush Scrapbook, 1923 (95 KB pdf)
August and Gertrude Godina Photograph Album ca. 1917 (70 KB pdf)
Bloom Bros. Co. Photograph Album, ca. 1950 (38 KB pdf)
Boyd McKeown Photograph Album (40 KB pdf)
C. J. (Buffalo) Jones Papers 1904-1914? (74 KB pdf)
Cecilia Engel Scrapbook, 1924 (37 KB pdf)
Charles H.M. Bambach Photographs 1904-1905 (84 KB pdf)
Caustin Family Photographs 1941-1949 (58 KB pdf)
Dale H. Nuss Papers 1963-1975 (91 KB pdf)
Daniel Trotter Potts Letters, 1824-1827, 1948 (104 KB)
David R. Toeppen Slide Collection 1948 (168 K0B pdf)
Dorothy & Harry B. Goodspeed Scrapbook 1937 (69 KB pdf)
Edward E. Midgely Papers, 1931-1936 (80 KB pdf)
Electric Peak Arts Council (Gardiner, Montana) Records, 1999-2014 (95 KB)
Entre Nous (Gardiner, Montana) Records, circa 1940-2010
Eva K. Moger Diary 1896 (76 KB pdf)
F.E. Stratton Family Papers, 1895-June-1895 July (40 KB pdf)
Fire Lookout Rephotography Project Papers 1935-1936, 2007 (66 KB pdf)
Frank Sincock Photographs, 1924-1926 (111 KB pdf)
Fraternal Order of Eagles, Aerie #669 (Gardiner, MT) Records, 1904-2009 (111 KB pdf)
Fred H. McClure Photograph Album, circa 1895 (112 KB pdf)
Fuhrman-Baumgartner Photograph Albums 1919-1924 (77 KB pdf)
Gillson Family Photographs 1901 (41 KB pdf)
Gerald E. Mernin Papers 1924-2010 (bulk dates: 1965-2001) (247 KB pdf)
Geyser Observation and Study Association Listserv Records 1995-2016 (103 KB pdf)
Greater Yellowstone Conservation Data Center Records 1887 – 2005 (bulk dates: 1977-1993) (168Kb pdf)
Greater Yellowstone Coordinating Committee Records 1977-2009 (bulk dates: 1985-1992) (192 KB pdf)
H.E. Stork Photograph Album 1927 (96 KB pdf)
Henderson-Ash Family Papers 1873-2002 (bulk dates: 1885-1905) (136 KB pdf)
Herma Albertson Baggley Papers, 1927-1957 (83 KB pdf)
Horace M. Albright Papers, 1911-1986 (bulk dates: 1940-1945) (170 KB pdf)
Howard C. Krueger Photograph Album 1931 (70 KB pdf)
Jack Hervat Photograph Album, 1923, circa 1985 (101 KB)
Janet & Elliot C. Barnes Photograph Albums, 1902 (39 KB pdf)
John Burger Photographs 1959-2006 (bulk dates: 1959-1968) (83 KB pdf)
Katherine Holland Photograph Album 1936-1938 (68 KB pdf)
Lee Coleman Papers 1930-1977 (97 KB pdf)
Link-Lauer-Thomas Family Papers ca. 1890-2008 (bulk dates: 1920s-1960s) (128 KB pdf)
Little People"s Learning Center Records 1980s, 2008-2010 (131 KB)
Lt. Everett Judson Papers, 1918 (105 KB pdf)
Loesch Family Papers, 1904, 1934 (37 KB pdf)
Mammoth Community Library Records, 1940-2003 (35 KB pdf)
Margaret Ahern Wertman Papers, ca. 1930 (71 KB pdf)
Margaret McCartney Family Photograph AlbumCirca 1907-Circa 1930 (41 KB pdf)
Marion Dyer Travel Diary 1919 (38 KB pdf)
Marjane Ambler Interior Park Employees Oral Histories (5,652 KB pdf)
Martin A. McDonough Scrapbook, 1947-1953 (93 KB pdf)
Mary Lou & Bob Perkins 1959 Earthquake Papers, 1959-1970 (33 KB pdf)
Merle Janice Schroeder Papers, 1936-1939 (36 KB pdf)
Milton P. Skinner Papers, Circa 1900-1937, 1955 (152 KB pdf)
Mode Wineman Manuscripts, 1908 (45 KB pdf)
Mr. & Mrs. G. A. Platz Photograph Album Circa 1925 (36 KB pdf)
Nancy Derevjanik Papers, 1981, 2007 (106 KB pdf)
OTO Ranch (77 KB pdf)
Pack Rats of Old Faithful Photograph Album, 1924 (36 KB pdf)
Park to Paradise Triathlon (Gardiner, Montana) Records, 1981-2014 (117 PDF)

President Arthur's Pictures 1883 (43 KB pdf)
Richmond Family Papers 1913-1915, 1929 (92 KB pdf)
Robert "Bob" Flather Research Papers 1870-2009 (bulk dates: 1884-2005) (104 KB pdf)
Robert Coffey Photograph Album ca. 1924-1928 (73 KB pdf)
Rose Polich Photograph Album1932-circa 1950 (bulk dates: 1932) (67 KB pdf)
Ruth Phillips Photograph Album circa 1921 (KB pd)
Sagebrushers in Yellowstone Photographs circa 1915 (84 KB pdf)
Simmons Family 1959 Earthquake Collection 1959 (100 KB)
Smith Family Photograph Album ca. 1907 (68 KB pdf)
Third View Photographs 1872-1883, 1978, 2000 (101 KB pdf)
Tom Murphy Photographs 1979-1994 (88 KB pdf)
Tramps, Camps, and Wonders Photograph Album, circa 1903 (36 KB)
Trip To Yellowstone Collection circa 1890-Present (bulk dates: 1920s-1960s) (129 KB pdf)
Uncle Bob Photograph Album 1898 (36 KB pdf)
W.H. Banks Photographs 1893 (88 KB pdf)
W. Verde Watson Papers 1935-1963 (bulk dates: 1935-ca. 1955) (KB pdf)
William Elmer Rounds Photograph Album ca. 1920 (64 KB pdf)
Xanterra Parks and Resorts Collection 1980-Present (109 KB pdf)
Yellowstone and the Biology of Time Rephotography Project 1871-1992 (253 KB pdf)
Yellowstone CO-OP Employee Recreation Program Records 1982-2010 (102 KB pdf)
Yellowstone Federal Employees Association Records ca. 1986-2008 (bulk dates: 1996-2008) (101 KB pdf)
Yellowstone National Art Trust Records, 2001-2004 (101 KB pdf)
Yellowstone National Park School Records 1921-2008 (bulk dates: 1980s-2005) (209 KB pdf)
Yellowstone Park Company Records 1884-1979 (bulk dates: 1927-1964) (566 KB pdf)
Yellowstone Park Foundation 1993-2010 (151 KB pdf)
Yellowstone Ski Association Records 1941-1994 (bulk dates: 1961-1986) (39 KB pdf)
Yellowstone Women's Organization Records, 1968-1988 (35 KB pdf)

Online Collections
Selected portions of our records have been digitized and placed online. This is an ongoing project.
Montana Memory Project: Collections include Superintendent's Annual and Monthly reports, maps and drawings, oral histories, and photographs.
Open Parks Network: Historic photographs taken by the Park's official photographers and gathered together into thematic albums in the mid-20th century.
Historic Slide File: Historic photographs from the museum collection organized by era and then by topic.

Using the Archives

See the Archives homepage for detailed information about hours, access policies, and other ways to search our collections.

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