Day Hiking at Olympic

Before hiking you should know...

  1. Even on short hikes, be prepared for changing weather. Carry food, water, hat, gloves, layers of warm clothing and a raincoat. Please use Leave No Trace techniques to help preserve the wilderness. Stay on trails to avoid trampling vegetation and use pit toilets where available, or use the cathole method and pack out toilet paper.
  2. Pets are not allowed on park trails or beaches except on leash (up to 6-foot) from Rialto Beach to Ellen Creek (0.5 mile north), on Kalaloch beaches, and Spruce Railroad, Madison Falls and Peabody Creek Trails. This helps protect you, your pet and wildlife. Leashed pets are allowed in campgrounds, parking areas and on roads. Pet rules differ on neighboring national forest and state lands.
  3. Pack out everything you pack in (including food waste and garbage).

Temperate Rain Forests


**Mini Trail is a paved 0.1 mile loop trail near the Visitor Center.

Hall of Mosses Trail is a 0.8 mile loop trail beginning near the Visitor Center.

Spruce Nature Trail is a 1.2 mile loop trail beginning near the Visitor Center.


Sam's River Loop is a flat 2.8 mile trail through different ages of temperate rain forest. Watch for damage from severe winter storms.


**Maple Glade Trail is a 0.5 mile loop beginning at the bridge next to the Quinault River Ranger Station.

Cascading Terraces Trail is a flat 0.5 mile trail beginning at Graves Creek campground. NOTE: 2016 flooding swept away the riverside part of this former loop and blew down trees.

Irely Lake Trail is a 1.2 mile trail beginning 0.7 miles before the North Fork campground entrance.

**Kestner Homestead Trail is a selfguided 1.3 mile loop trail starting at the Quinault Ranger Station.


Hurricane Ridge

**Meadow Loop Trails begin from the parking lot. There are several 0.25 to 0.5 mile trails.

**Hurricane Hill is 1.6 miles one way and begins at the end of the Hurricane Ridge Road. The rough paved trail gains about 700 feet in elevation, giving panoramic views. (Wheelchair accessible first 0.5 miles only.)

Trail to Klahhane Ridge begins near the Visitor Center. The first 2.8 miles leads to a junction with the Klahhane Switchback Trail. You may continue or return to the Visitor Center.

Deer Park

Rainshadow Loop: self-guided 0.5 mile loop to summit of Blue Mountain. Starts at the end of Deer Park Road, a steep, one-lane gravel road not suitable for RVs or trailers.

Lowland Forests

Sol Duc

Ancient Groves Nature Trail: 0.6 mile loop starts 9 miles up Sol Duc Road.

Sol Duc Falls is 0.8 miles one way from the end of the Sol Duc Road.

Lover’s Lane Loop is a 5.8 mile loop connecting Sol Duc campground, Sol Duc Falls and the Resort.

Mink Lake Trail: 2.6 miles one way from Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort.

Lake Crescent

**Moments in Time Nature Trail: a flat 0.6 mile loop trail beginning at Lake Crescent Lodge.

**Marymere Falls is 0.9 miles one way from Storm King Ranger Station. (The first 0.5 mile is accessible.)

Mount Storm King Trail: 2.1 miles one way from turnoff on Marymere Falls Trail. It climbs 2,100 feet!

Pyramid Peak Trail is a 3.5 miles one way from near the North Shore Picnic Area. It climbs 2,350 feet and crosses a steep landslide area!

*Spruce Railroad Trail: 4 miles one way along the lake. Pets and bikes allowed. A 6.5-mile paved, wheelchair accessible extension leads west. One tunnel is restored and ongoing work will make the trail wheelchair accessible.

Heart O’ the Hills

Heart O'the Forest Trail is 2.3miles one way and starts at Loop E in Heart O’ the Hills campground.

Park Visitor Center

Peabody CreekTrail is a 0.5 mile loop from the Visitor Center parking area.

**Living Forest Trail is a 0.4 mile loop trail behind the Visitor Center.


*Madison Falls Trail is a paved 0.1 mile one way trail to a waterfall; starts near the Elwha Entrance Station.

Cascade Rock Trail: a steep 2.1 mile one way forest hike begins near the picnic shelter in the former Elwha campground or on the bypass trail.

Smokey Hill Trail is a steep 0.4 mile one way trail to the Elwha River from 4 miles up the Whiskey Bend Road.

Smokey Bottom Trail is 1.9 miles one way; views of Elwha River restoration. Starts at a parking lot just past Glines Canyon Spillway Overlook.

West Elwha Trail is 3.0 miles one way through forest near the river; starts at Altair picnic area.

Geyser Valley Loop is a 6.0 mile loop trail beginning at the end of the Whiskey Bend Road. The trail can be broken down into shorter loops.


Shady Lane Nature Trail is 0.9 miles one way and begins across the bridge from the ranger station.

Staircase Rapids Loop Trail is 2 miles with a bridge over the Skokomish River, and nice forest and river views. Starts near ranger station.


Washouts, one with a steep detour, have turned the old road into a 6.5 mile trail to a campground, passing a large waterfall on the river on the way


Be aware of tides when hiking the coast. Pick up a tide chart at a ranger station or visitor center.


Cape Alava Trail is 3.3 miles one way partly on boardwalk from near the ranger station to the coast.

Sand Point Trail is 2.8 miles one way partly on boardwalk from near the ranger station to the coast.

A 2.9 mile beach walk connects the two trails making a 9.0 mile loop.

Mora – La Push

Rialto Beach: 1.5 mile hike to arch and tidepools at Hole-in-the-Wall. Use caution if continuing north.

Second Beach: 0.7 mile hike to tidepools and seastacks from La Push Road, 14 miles west of Highway 101.

Third Beach Trail is a 1.4 mile hike to a sandy beach from La Push Road, 12 miles west of Highway 101.

James Pond is a 0.3 mile loop to a small beaver pond near ranger station.


**Beach 4: 0.2 mile one way walk from Highway 101 to a beach and tidepools (only viewpoint accessible).

**Ruby Beach: 0.2 mile one way hike from Highway 101 to the coast and seastacks (only viewpoint accessible).

Kalaloch Nature Trail: 0.8 mile loop through coastal rainforest from near Kalaloch campground.

Last updated: February 15, 2018

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