Backcountry Road Maps

These roads vary greatly in condition and level of technical driving skill required. See the backcountry roads page for more information. Always ask a ranger for current information about road conditions before venturing out.


Simplified Trail Maps

These maps have no topographic detail and should not be relied upon for navigation.


Backcountry Registration Boards & Associated Trails

These maps show areas suitable for overnight backpacking trips. Get more information on backcountry camping in Joshua Tree.


Rock Climbing Maps

These maps show some of the major named climbing areas in Joshua Tree National Park. See the climbing pages for more information about the park's legendary rock climbing and bouldering opportunities.


Equestrian Maps

These maps show the trails open to horse use in the two most popular areas of the park for horseback riders. These maps have no topographic detail and should not be relied upon for navigation. Maps are available on our horseback riding page.


Topographic Maps of the Park

Each of these maps is built on the corresponding USGS 7.5 minute topographic quad.

Refer to the index map below to help you find the map you would like.

index map to numbered topographical maps available on this website

  1. Rimrock (19 MB PDF)
  2. Yucca Valley North (8.3 MB PDF)
  3. Joshua Tree North (5.6 MB PDF)
  4. Sunfair (5.4 MB PDF)
  5. Twentynine Palms (5.5 MB PDF)
  6. Valley Mountain (4.1 MB PDF)
  7. Morongo Valley (52 MB PDF)
  8. Yucca Valley South (53 MB PDF)
  9. Joshua Tree South (12 MB PDF)
  10. Indian Cove (11 MB PDF)
  11. Queen Mountain (10 MB PDF)
  12. Twentynine Palms Mountain (10 MB PDF)
  13. Humbug Mountain (7.4 MB PDF)
  14. New Dale (11 MB PDF)
  15. Clarks Pass (9.6 MB PDF)
  16. Cadiz Valley SW (10 MB PDF)
  17. Cadiz Valley SE (6.9 MB PDF)
  18. Seven Palms Valley (33 MB PDF)
  19. East Deception Canyon (81 MB PDF)
  20. Keys View (19 MB PDF)
  21. Malapai Hill (8.7 MB PDF)
  22. Fried Liver Wash (12 MB PDF)
  23. Pinto Mountain (8.6 MB PDF)
  24. San Bernardino Wash (5.0 MB PDF)
  25. Placer Canyon (14 MB PDF)
  26. Pinto Wells (7.2 MB PDF)
  27. Coxcomb Mountains (11 MB PDF)
  28. West Berdoo Canyon (24 MB PDF)
  29. Rockhouse Canyon (41 MB PDF)
  30. Washington Wash (14 MB PDF)
  31. Porcupine Wash (8.7 MB PDF)
  32. Conejo Well (7.9 MB PDF)
  33. Buzzard Spring (15 MB PDF)
  34. Victory Pass (6.3 MB PDF)
  35. East of Victory Pass (7.1 MB PDF)
  36. Thermal Canyon (11 MB PDF)
  37. Cottonwood Basin (20 MB PDF)
  38. Cottonwood Spring (24 MB PDF)
  39. Hayfield (35 MB PDF)
  40. Hayfield Spring (21 MB PDF)
  41. Desert Center (8.1 MB PDF)

Last updated: September 21, 2017

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