Ridgely Family Members

The Ridgely Family had a dramatic impact on the history of not only the Hampton estate, but also the state and nation. Impacts were felt early on with ironworks that supplied the Continental Armies and a family member serving as Governor of Maryland. Other family members made their impact on the world through philanthropy and education. The impact that the Ridgely family had culminated with handing over the Hampton mansion, grounds, and collections to the Avelon Foundation and eventually the National Park Service. This historic donation helped lead to the creating of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Learn more about famous members of the Ridgely family and their impacts on history.

A painting of the Port of Baltimore

Colonel Charles Ridgely

The purchaser of most of the Hampton Estate lands

A painting of Captain Charles Ridgely.

Captain Charles Ridgely

The owner who commissioned the building of the Hampton mansion.

A painting of  Charles Carnan Ridgely.

Charles Carnan Ridgely

Second owner of the Hampton mansion and at one time the governor of Maryland.

A painting of John Carnan Ridgely.

John Carnan Ridgely

Third owner of the Hampton Estate.

A painting of Eliza Eichelberger Ridgely.

Eliza Eichelberger Ridgely

Eliza Eichelberger Ridgely was one of the most influential women to come through Hampton.

A painting of Charles Ridgely.

Charles Ridgely

Charles Ridgely was the fourth owner of the Hampton Estate.

A black and white photo of Margaretta Sophia Howard Ridgely.

Margaretta Sophia Howard Ridgely

Following the death of her husband, Margaretta ran the Hampton estate for decades

Black and white photograph of  Eliza Ridgely White Buckler.

Eliza Ridgely White Buckler

Known as "Didy," Eliza was an influential force in Hampton's history.

A black and white photo of  Henry White.

Henry White

One of the most influential diplomats in American history.

A black and white photo of John Ridgely.

John Ridgely

Fifth owner of the Hampton Estate.

A painting of Helen West Stewart Ridgely.

Helen West Stewart Ridgely

One of the most accomplished women in Hampton, and the region.

A black and white photo of  John Ridgely, Jr.

John Ridgely, Jr.

The final owner of the Hampton Estate.

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