Eliza Ridgely White Buckler

Historic black and white image of Eliza Ridgely White Buckler.
Eliza Ridgely White Buckler


Eliza Ridgely White Buckler (1828-1894), known as “Didy”, was the daughter of the third owner of Hampton and sister of the fourth. Didy was a brilliant, well-educated and strong-minded woman who spoke several languages. She married John Campbell White in 1849; the couple had two sons - Henry and Julian - before John’s untimely death from consumption (tuberculosis) in 1853. After more than a decade of widowhood, Didy Ridgely White married Dr. Thomas H. Buckler, with whom she had another son, William H. Buckler. She and Dr. Buckler were both ardent Confederate sympathizers during the Civil War. After their marriage in 1865, she and her second husband spent much of their time living abroad, only returning permanently to the United States in the early 1890s. As a schoolgirl and young adult, she authored journals that provide a unique glimpse into life at Hampton in the 1840s-1850s.




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