3.0 Design Development (DBB)

3.1 Prepare Design Development Documents

Based on the Final Schematic Design Documents, and the Response Memorandum to the DAB review questions, prepare the following:



3.2 Initiate Constructability Analysis

Initiate Constructability Analysis utilizing the Constructability Checklist template.

Template: Constructability Checklist

3.3 Draft Contract Price Schedule

Prepare a draft Contract Price Schedule utilizing the Contract Price Schedule template.

Template: Contract Price Schedule

Guideline: Guide for Specifiers, December 2010

3.4 Complete NPS Project Sustainability Checklist (Design Development Portion)

Working collaboratively within the integrated design team, complete the Design Development portion of the NPS Project Sustainability Checklist.

Template: NPS Project Sustainability Checklist (based on LEED™ version 2009)

3.5 Update Class B Construction Cost Estimate

Update the Class B Construction Cost Estimate based on the completed Design Development documents; confirm that project cost is within available funds.


Sample: Class B Construction Cost Estimate Sample (pdf)

Guidance: Cost Estimating Requirements Handbook (pdf)

3.6 Conduct Design Development Value Based Decision-Making

Conduct a Design Stage Value Analysis (DSVA) study to analyze the Design Development Documents to improve project's performance, reliability, quality, and value.

Prepare the DSVA Report utilizing the Value Analysis (VA) Report template.


3.7 Design Development Deliverables

3.7.1 Submit Design Development Documents

Submit the following Design Development Documents for review:

  • Design Development Documents
    • Design Development Drawings
    • Division 1 Specifications
    • Divisions 2 through 49 Outline Specifications
    • Product File
    • Draft Statement of Structural Tests and Special Inspections
    • Draft Profit Calculator
  • Draft Constructability Checklist
  • Draft Contract Price Schedule
  • NPS Project Sustainability Checklist
  • Updated Class B Construction Cost Estimate
  • Design Stage Value Analysis Report

3.7.2 Resolve Design Development Review Comments

Resolve all review comments. Submit written responses to review comments, utilizing the NPS review form, within 15 calendar days of receipt of comments.

3.8 Compliance Deliverables

3.8.1 Compliance Drawings and Supporting Narrative When required, prepare and submit drawings and supporting narrative for SHPO/THPO review and other compliance activities, as required. Incorporate resolution of SHPO/THPO review comments into Draft Design Development Documents, as required. When required, prepare and submit drawings and supporting narrative for obtaining Section 404, National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), and other permits as required.

Resolve reviewing agencies comments, as required.

3.8.2 Submit FONSI or ROD

When required, submit FONSI or ROD.