Basic Information

Many rural locations in Alaska use a mile marker on a road to denote their physical address (as opposed to a traditional street number).

For people who wish to use a GPS device to navigate their way here, you may need to input the latitude and longitude of the park entrance: 63.728443, -148.886572.



Need to Know

In 1917, Congress created this park for one main reason: to protect Dall sheep. Over time, Congress expanded the park boundaries and added other reasons for its existence, including protection of North America's tallest mountain (also called Denali) and to provide a place for wilderness recreation. Today, most people arrive in Denali hoping to see the mountain, view wildlife (such as bears, moose, caribou, sheep, and wolves), and experience the vast wilderness.

Denali National Park and Preserve has just one road, called the Denali Park Road, and it is the main avenue for visitors to see and experience Denali. As you begin planning a trip to Denali, it's important to understand how the road operates.

The road is 92 miles long, and only the first 15 miles are paved. The paved section, leading from the park entrance to Savage River, is the only section that personal vehicles may drive. In the summer, the first 15 miles are open for public (non-commercial) vehicles to drive and buses provide transportation along the rest of the road. In winter, only the first 3 miles of the road are open for public vehicles, and the rest of the road is closed due to snow. Buses do not operate in fall, winter, or spring.


Plan Your Visit

  • caribou standing on a dirt road, a green bus in the near distance
    Mid-May to Mid-September
    How to Explore Denali in Summer

    Look for wildlife and wilderness during a bus trip in Denali. Most of the sole road is open only to buses during summer (May 20–mid-Sept.).

  • two people riding bikes on a snowy trail in a forest
    October to April
    Plan a Winter Visit

    Closed in winter? Not Denali! Winter is a great time to explore the park, whether by foot, ski, snowshoe, bike, or more!

  • A dirt trail, with a fresh dusting of snow on the edges of the trail, leads up a mountainside.
    Plan a Fall or Spring Visit

    Expect limited services if you're visiting during the quieter seasons of fall (mid-September to October) or spring (mid-April to mid-May).

  • a group of young visitors hike along a gravel riverbank
    Things to Do

    Explore the many activities Denali offers to visitors of all ages and experience levels.

  • A map of the Denali Park Road with major landmarks labeled.

    Learn where you can drive, where you can ride a bus, and where to hike with road maps and trail maps.

  • numerous pink flowers at the foot of a shrubby hillside overlooking a gravelly river bar
    Current Conditions

    Check on current road status, changes to park operations due to the Pretty Rocks landslide, COVID-19 notices, and more.

  • two rangers behind a desk speaking to many other people
    Park Statistics and Facts

    Browse statistics like budget and visitation, find detailed policies and regulations and learn more in general about park management.

  • a ranger speaking to a crowd of people
    Park Calendar

    Browse our calendar for regularly scheduled summer ranger programs and special events.

  • beaver on a trail
    Explore a trail or go off-trail
    Take a Hike!

    Discover trails in Denali, or learn about hiking off-trail in the wilderness.

  • picnic tables under a large wooden structure
    Eating & Sleeping

    Learn about options for lodging, campgrounds, restaurants, and picnic areas.

  • a huge snowy mountain tinged pink by setting sun
    The Mountain
    Where to See and Photograph Denali

    Get tips on where to photograph and see Denali, the tallest mountain in North America, as well as how to photograph wildlife and wilderness.

  • Two people walk a leashed dog down a gravel road surrounded by green trees and brush.

    Pets are welcome in Denali but are not allowed on most trails. Read more about pet regulations here.



Last updated: March 15, 2024

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