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Renowned for conserving wildlife and supporting intact ecosystems, Denali was recognized early for its contribution to scientific research and discovery. A protected, living laboratory in which to observe natural processes at work, it continues to attract new generations of naturalists, field biologists, and climatologists from around the world.


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    Designated Wilderness areas protect many aspects of the park from maintaining natural areas to protecting historical and cultural resources.

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    Denali is home to 39 species of mammals, 169 species of birds, and 1 lonely species of amphibian.

  • snow covered Denali stands tall over a lake

    Denali or Mt. McKinley?

    What's in a name? Surprisingly, a lot. Learn more about what the mountain is called and why.

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    Science and Research

    One of the major reasons this park exists is to facilitate research, including archaeology, biology, geology and more.

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    History & Culture

    Find out how communities perceive climate change, what's new in the museum collection, and current archaeological surveys.

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    So far north that it's in the sub-Arctic, Denali remains an intact ecosystem. Learn about the park's wildlife and environment.

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    Whether you're far away or nearby, connect with our distance learning programs or use the park as your classroom.

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    Kids & Youth

    Learn how to become a virtual junior ranger; look for youth camp opportunities; or find suggestions for family activities in the park.

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    Park Statistics and Facts

    Browse statistics like budget and visitation, find detailed policies and regulations and learn more in general about park management.

  • Zero Landfill Initiative

    Help leave a light footprint on the land and learn what you can do to help with our zero landfill initiative!


Last updated: October 25, 2021

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