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Conditions on the Denali Park Road

The map below illustrates which parts of the park road are open to private vehicles (green line) and, in summer, to bus traffic (gold line). Icons also indicate which park campgrounds are open.
Discover which parts of the Denali Park road are open, either to all private vehicles (green) or to other traffic (gold). Click on or hover over a road segment to learn more.

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caribou standing on a dirt road, a green bus in the near distance

How to Explore Denali

Look for wildlife and wilderness during a bus trip in Denali. Most of the sole road is open only to buses during summer (May 20—mid-Sept.).


Last updated: July 9, 2018

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Mailing Address:

PO Box 9
Denali Park, AK 99755


(907) 683-9532
A ranger is available 9 am - 4 pm daily (except on major holidays). If you get to the voicemail, please leave a message and we'll call you back as soon as we finish with the previous caller.

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