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No permit is required to enter the park; however visitors should attend a backcountry orientation at one of the park's visitor centers. During an orientation you can get valuable information about current weather, fire and wildlife alerts, back country safety, bear safety and Leave No Trace camping techniques. Bear Resistant Food Containers are available to borrow at all park visitor facilities.

Film and Photography - UPDATED November 2022

Use of Cabins, Firewood and Caches by Federally Qualified Local Subsistence Users

Special Use Permits - a catch-all category including but not limited to activities such as special assemblies, athletic events or races, temporary access requests, first amendment activities, groups with 12 or more participants, spreading of ashes (memorialization, 36 CFR 2.62), etc.

Research Permits

Public Assemby, Meetings 36 CFR 2.51

All areas are designated as open to public. Demonstrations involving twenty-six or more individuals must have a permit issued by the superintendent (see Special Use Permits above).

Commercial Activities

A business or an individual must obtain either a Concession Contract or a Commercial Use Authorization (CUA) prior to conducting any commercial activity in Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve.

These contracts and permits are issued and administered by the National Park Service (NPS).

Visit our webpage Do Business With Us to download a list of authorized commercial guides in Yukon-Charley Rivers or to obtain a permit to conduct business in the park. Contact the visitor center in Eagle with further questions at 907-547-2233.



Reservations are not required for any activities within the preserve, except for organized groups.

If you are traveling in an organized group (i.e. nonprofit, educational, commercial, guided, etc.) please contact the park several months before your travel dates for permit requirements and group size limits.

NOTE: Commercial transporters are required to ensure that all of their clients get the opportunity to receive a backcountry orientation from park rangers prior to entering the park and preserve at one of our visitor centers.

Public Use Cabins

Reservations are not required for any of the public use cabins within the preserve. The cabins are available on a free, first come, first served basis and are intended for short-term recreational use and occupancy only. The use of any combination of public use cabins shall not exceed ten days in a 30 day period without a permit from the Preserve's Superintendent (see Permits section above).

"No Drone Zone" drones prohibited symbol by Federal Aviation Administration

No Drone Zone

Launching, landing or operating unmanned or remote controlled aircraft in Yukon-Charley Rivers is prohibited.

Learn more about regulations pertaining to the use of unmanned aircraft in the national parks.

Last updated: January 9, 2023

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