Frequently Asked Questions

How did Yukon-Charley Rivers get its name?

The preserve is named after the Yukon and Charley Rivers that merge in the preserve.

How long does it take to travel from Eagle to Circle?

You can paddle a canoe comfortably in 5 days but, we recommend a leisurely 7 day adventure to insure you have enough time to take in the sights.

When is the best time to view wildlife?

Wildlife are much like gold nuggets, they are where you find them. However, optimal chances are in the cool of the evening when animals tend to feed and roam a bit more.

What is the best recommendation for camping?

We recommend that you camp on gravel/sand bars or islands as they afford a nice breeze and there is less chance of surprising or being surprised by animals.

Should I carry a firearm for protection against animals?

In accordance with state and federal regulations, firearms are allowed within the preserve but, every safety measure should be taken. Individuals sometimes choose to carry alternatives to firearms, such as pepper spray, but it is up to each individual to determine what is comfortable in the environment. Informing yourself on bear/animal behavior is always helpful.

Can I look for gold?

You are allowed to pan for gold within the preserve boundaries using only a pan and a spoon. Mechanized equipment or metal detectors are not allowed in accordance with federal regulations.

Is there a fee and/or reservations for public use cabins in the preserve?

There are currently no fees or reservations required in order to use a public use cabin. They are first come, first served. Visitors are asked to follow guidelines posted on the website and in each cabin.

Can I fish in the preserve?

Yes, in accordance with Alaska State Game and Fish regulations, fishing is allowed in the preserve. Side tributaries are generally good places to try your luck for Arctic Grayling, Sheefish and Northern Pike. The Yukon River is a glacially fed, silt laden river and is poor for fishing until late fall when the river is clear.

Last updated: April 14, 2015

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