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WebRangers Teachers' Resource Guide

Young boy wearing red shirt looking at Patrior Spy WebRangers activityThe WebRangers Teacher’s Resource Guide allows teachers to quickly assess more than 50 WebRangers activities and discover how each activity meets National Standards of Learning. (Common Core alignments will follow.) Here, educators will be able to read a brief description of each activity and understand how each activity addresses a breadth of subjects including geography, history, language arts, math, science, and social studies.

This indexed guide will allow educators to begin to determine how WebRangers activities can be used in the classroom to supplement traditional classroom curricula.

WebRangers provides a safe environment for students to learn about United States history, the environment and stewardship, geography, our social history, various cultures, language arts, and real life applications in mathematics, while also gaining essential computer skills.

Within the WebRangers Community, learners are provided with many opportunities to explore self expression to a world-wide audience through story writing, answering questions of the week, and by writing to the WebRangers team to ask questions, and share their opinions about WebRangers. The WebRangers Community is constantly moderated by National Park Service personnel. All content is approved before posting to the WebRangers community.

In addition, we've listed some links below, such as the Park Teachers Ning site, where teachers can share experiences using national parks in their teaching, the NPS @Education Twitter feed, and other useful resources.

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