Grants for Cultural Resources, Consultation, and Repatriation

In general, grants fund projects that extend financial support to cultural resources and assist recipients in complying with federal laws that relate to cultural heritage and patrimony. Grants fund a broad range of planning, development, and research projects for historic sites. Projects include the survey, inventory, documentation, architectural services, historic structure reports, preservation plans, and bricks and mortar repair for historic structures and landscapes. Grants may also fund research in technology, training, interpretation and education programs and products, and the respectful repatriation of human remains.

Through grants and other types of financial assistance, the National Park Service works to extend the knowledge, expertise, and funding of our staff and programs beyond park boundaries. The impact of this funding is considerable. At any one time, the Cultural Resources, Partnerships, & Science Directorate supports approximately 2,000 active grants, 3,000 active subgrants, and more than $250,000,000 in federal funding.

Who can apply?

Applicant eligibility requirements are set by each grant program and vary widely. Most grant applicant organizations are state, tribal, or local governments, nonprofits, or educational institutions (many of which are nonprofits). If you have questions about whether or not your organization is eligible to apply for or receive a grant, make sure to review sections titled "eligibility" in postings on Additionally, you may contact the grant program office offering the grant opportunity you are interested in. Finally, all prospective applicants are strongly encouraged to review detailed information on applying for and managing grants.


How are applications submitted?

All opportunities to apply for a grant will be announced on the government-wide portal for financial assistance, There are exceptions to this, like unusual circumstances or emergencies.

Funding announcements, also called Notices of Funding Opportunity (NOFOs), contain detailed instructions on the form and content of application materials. There is no one document that is the application; instead, applicants are required to submit a variety of forms and narrative responses that together compose the application.

If you need more information on how to get started with submitting an application, please review detailed information on applying for and managing grants.

What is funded?

Grant programs fund projects as described or limited by their authorizing legislation, program policy, or other government-wide procedures. Interested applicants should review the list of funding programs at right for potential sources of grant assistance as well as specific grant opportunities below.

How do I manage a grant?

Once you have been awarded a grant, your primary reference points will be your grant agreement, Title 2, Part 200 of the Code of Federal Regulations (referred to as 2 CFR 200), any applicable program policies or laws, and additional guidance from your grant manager. Grantees are also encouraged to review detailed information on applying for and managing grants.


Ready for a Grant?

Applying for and managing a grant requires a well thought out project as well as organizational preparation. Check to make sure you are ready by reviewing important information.

Get Ready to Apply or Manage a Grant

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