A Symphony of Trees, Grasses, Birds and Streams

Natural and cultural sounds awaken the sense of awe that connects us to the splendor of national parks and have a powerful effect on our emotions, attitudes and memories. The National Park Service regards these sounds as part of a web of natural and cultural resources that must be protected. From growing demands for park overflights to expanding energy development, noise sources are proliferating. But so are efforts to understand their effects and avert negative impacts.

An African American boy uses headphones to listen to natural sounds.

Cool Sounds for a Hot Season

These teaching exercises are a great way to engage kids at home or in camp about the world of natural sounds.

A woman sitting on a mountain ponders the natural sounds and beauty of the mountain surroundings

Get Outside, Get Curious About Sounds

World Listening Day, Monday, July 18, invites people to tune to a world of sounds through the practice of listening

Rippled patterns shaped by wind play upon the surface of sand at Great Sand Dunes National Park.

Park soundscapes reveal essence of place

From grassy valleys to sandy dunes, a world of wild sounds awaits those who listen.

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