A Symphony of Sounds Worth Saving

The natural and cultural sounds in national parks awaken a sense of wonder that connects us to the unique qualities of these places. They have a powerful effect on our emotions, attitudes, and memories, and bring awareness of our surroundings. From the mysterious calls of bugling elk in mountains, to the patriotic, bugling trumpets heard across a historic battlefield, these sounds are part of a web of natural and cultural resources that the National Parks protects under the Organic Act. NPS invites you to experience our parks through this world of sound.

A woman sits on a dock and views the natural surroundings at Denali National Park.

Keeping the Peace and Quiet

A new study shows that noise now intrudes into remote areas, including some national parks.

A father and son sit on a park bench and look out on to a meadow ringed with forest.

Making a Difference

By talking quieter in parks, you can make a difference in protecting the soundscape environment.

A wood frog stares warily from his mossy, wetlands perch in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

The Sounds of Summer

What are your favorite sounds of summer? Listening to the sounds around you connects you to the seasonal qualities of your environment.