Science and Research

Parks are living laboratories where scientists ask questions and conduct research. Scientists observe and experiment. They learn from interactions of plants and animals in their natural environment. The National Park Service preserves the places and stories of discovery and uses what we learn through science to manage our natural and cultural resources.
A man views rocks and small plants under a superimposed grid. Dwarfed trees and a peak are beyond

Science in Parks

Read hundreds of stories about science in national parks.

Two individuals kneel by a sedated and blindfolded bear taking measurements. A third takes notes.

Scientific Study

Learn why scientific research is important and how you can participate.

A young woman sits in front of a computer with a microscope next to her

Request a Research Permit

Apply for Scientific Research and Collecting Permits.

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Benefits Sharing

All studies conducted in parks provide the NPS with some type of benefit.

Two people kneel by a lake looking into a white basin containing an indistinct object in water.

Citizen Science

Enjoy science? Love the national parks? Get involved in citizen science!

Last updated: August 16, 2018