NPS Park Ranger

Stories From The Past

More than 10,000 years ago, people began to live in North America. Scientists believe that these people had traveled across Beringea, a land mass that connected Asia to North America. At different times, the Chisos, Jumanos, Apaches, Kiowas, and the Comanches all called Big Bend National Park home.

These early people left behind clues about their lives in the form of pictographs (drawings on a rock walls) and petroglyphs (carvings scratched into rock.) Today, pictographs and petroglyphs are still found in Big Bend. If you see drawings on rock walls, please be careful not to damage them.

We are not sure what every symbol means, but here are a few used by Native Americans to tell a story or leave a message hundreds of years ago.

Drag the symbols to the wall in the right order to tell this story with pictures.

In the morning the man went to the lake and put his canoe in the water. He caught a fish, and brought it back to his teepee by the mountain.

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