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Cultural Resources Stewardship
Career Field
Roger Anderson
Stephen T. Mather Training Center
P.O. Box 77
51 Mather Place
Harpers Ferry, WV
Phone: 304-535-5051
Fax: 304-535-6408

Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site - Deer Lodge, Montana
Lower yard from slough looking east, 1988 (Courtesy of Grant-Kohrs NHS)

Mission Statement
NPS employees in and associated with the Cultural Resources Stewardship Career Field improve
individual performance to advance the resources preservation mission of the National Park Service
through a competency-based core curriculum and by other continuous occupational and
thematic learning opportunities.

The Cultural Resources Stewardship Career Field enhances knowledge, skills, and abilities for
employees in and associated with the career field as well as, our partnership organizations. Employees,
in 21 occupational groups, work in archeology, cultural landscapes, historical architecture, museum
management, history, anthropology, maintenance, natural resources, and in programs that provide guidance
and technical assistance to states, communities, and tribes. This interdisciplinary career field also
focuses on the cultural resources training and development needs of park superintendents and program
managers. It develops and delivers a variety of learning opportunities including formal education, life
experiences, traditional classroom courses and workshops, seminars, and conferences, on-the-job
experiences, and mentoring, and technological enhanced learning (TEL) strategies, such as self-paced
computer courses and satellite broadcast courses, or a blend of these activities.

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