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There are many opportunities for youth and young adults 15-30 years old and veterans 35 years old and younger to work with the National Park Service. Many of these developmental opportunities and jobs are filled at the park level—so contact the park that interests you—but others opportunities are advertised and recruited nationally by the National Park Service or in partnership with youth and veteran serving organizations. We welcome the interest and engagement of the next generation of stewards who will care for our nation’s natural and cultural resources and preserve our rich legacy.

Are you ready to get started? Opportunities include jobs, internships, and volunteering.

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Young people age 30 and younger and veterans 35 and younger are invited to discover internship opportunities in national parks. YOU could be the next generation to preserve and protect these great places! Learn more about National Park Service Youth Programs in the list below.


Whether you are looking for part-time work during the school year, a summer job, or are beginning a full-time career, check USAJobs for current openings. Additional there are opportunities for teens, young adults and veterans, including students and recent graduates listed below.

Youth Conservation Corps Opportunities

  • Who can apply: Ages 15–18

  • Schedule: summer 8–10 weeks, non-residential (except at Yellowstone and Yosemite)

  • Interest areas: conservation work projects and environmental education programs

  • Application period: apply to the park that interests you or check out your state's YCC program
  • Contact: NPS Youth Programs at 202-513-7177 or via e-mail

Pathways for Students and Recent Graduates

The Pathways Program offers federal internship and employment opportunities for current students, recent graduates and those with an advanced degree. There are three different paths available:

  • Who can apply: Current students seeking degrees or certificates from accredited institutions (i.e., high schools; vocational and technical schools; and associate, bachelor, graduate, or professional schools) and recent graduates

  • Interest areas: All

  • Stipend: Salary

  • Application period: Year-round

  • Schedule: Year-round or summer

  • Contact: NPS/Office of Human Resources via e-mail

photograph of interns standing in front of building
Interns with National Park Service and the Department of the Interior leadership in front of the Department of the Interior Building.


National Internship Programs

Internship Opportunities

Whether you’re in high school or college or have graduated within the past two years, internships are a way to acquire hands-on work experience while helping preserve and protect the nation’s natural and cultural heritage. The National Park Service collaborates with other organizations to create internship opportunities. Many of our national internship programs are listed below. However, we also recommend that you contact a park of interest directly to ensure that you learn all the opportunities available.

21st Century Conservation Service Corps (21CSC) includes Public Land Corps (PLC) a work and education program for young people and veterans. The National Park Service works in collaboration with service corps and other organizations to provide conservation work, and educational and training opportunities. Many of these organizations are members of The Corps Network.
Who can apply:

Ages 16–30

Veterans up to age 35 years old and younger

Opportunities includes internships and crew based work

Schedule: Summer or Year-round

Interest areas: All

Stipend: Varies

Partner: National Park Service Youth Service Corps Partner Listing are good places to begin your search for PLC program opportunities. You can search for jobs and internships with other public land management agencies at Jobs at Corps.

The National Park Service partners with national service members to provide special skills training and offer a path into Federal service. Individuals who meet specific requirements may be eligible for noncompetitive appointment to Federal jobs upon successful completion of the program.

Public Land Corps (PLC): A work and education program that engages the Nation's conservation and service corps on public lands. Read Personnel Bulletin 17-03 for more information.

Direct Hire Authority for Resource Assistant Internships (DHA-RAI): Rigorous internships in a career field necessary for the effective management of public lands and resources. See Personnel Bulletin 12-15 for more information.

AmeriCorps: AmeriCorps consists of three programs - Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA), State & National, National Civilian Community Corps. Individuals who complete their service may be eligible for noncompetitive eligibility. Visit to learn about these programs and search for opportunities.

Contact: NPS Youth Programs at 202-513-7157 or 202-513-7146 or via e-mail
Ancestral Lands Conservation Corps Opportunities
Who can apply: Native American youth in high school or older

Schedule: Summer, Year-round

Interest areas: Historic preservation, traditional agriculture, interpretation, conservation, trail construction

Stipend: Varies

Partner: Ancestral Lands Conservation CorpsContact: NPS Youth Programs at 202-513-7146 or via e-mail
Community Volunteer Ambassadors Program

Who can apply: Recent high school and college graduates

Schedule: Generally, February to January; Full-time, 50 weeks

Interest areas: Volunteer efforts and management, service-learning expansion, group service opportunities coordination

Stipend: Variable, depending on housing, number of terms

Partner: Conservation Legacy - Stewards Individual Placements

Contact: Nationwide Volunteers in Parks Program Manager Shari Orr, email here
HABS/Society of Architectural Historians Tompkins Fellowship Opportunities

Who can apply: Graduate student in architectural history or related fields

Schedule: SummerInterest area: research in architectural history or related field

Stipend: $12,000

Partner: Society of Architectural Historians

Contact: NPS/Historic American Buildings Survey, Lisa Davidson, Fellowship Coordinator, at 202-354-2179 or via e-mail
Historically Black Colleges and Universities Internship Program

Who can apply: Undergraduate and graduate students attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Schedule: Summer program with a possibility to extend the internship through the school year. Program includes career workshop in August for program participants.

Interest areas: Historians, communication, business, archeologists, architects, curators, planners, archivists and moreStipend: $600-640/week, based on a 40-hour week, plus a commuting stipend if needed. Local or park housing and travel expenses will be provided for out-of-state students.

Partner: Greening Youth Foundation

Application periods:Winter: mid-December - early February

Apply here

Contact: NPS Youth Programs at 202-513-7146 or 202-513-7157 or via e-mail
Historic Preservation Training Center Traditional Trades Apprenticeship Program (HPTC) Opportunities

Who can apply: 18-30 years old and veteran up to 35 years old or younger

Schedule: Seasonal, 20 weeks

Interest area: Hands-on trade skills, carpentry, masonry, Historic Preservation

Stipend: Living stipend, plus travel expenses for training

Partners: American Conservation Experience, Conservation Legacy, Greening Youth Foundation and Groundwork USA

Contact: HPTC Team at e-mail us
Latino Heritage Internship Program Opportunities

Additional NPS program information

Who can apply: Undergraduate or graduate students with a focus on Latinos attending Hispanic Serving institutions

Schedule: Summer, 10 or 11 weeks with a possibility to extend the internship through the school year.

Interest areas: Natural and cultural resource management, interpretation, public affairs

Stipend: $600-640/week, based on a 40-hour week, plus a commuting stipend if needed. Local or park housing and travel expenses will be provided for out-of-state students.

Partners: Environment for the Americas

Application period:Spring/Summer Internships: mid-December – early-February

Apply here

Contact: Ernestine White, National Youth Employment Coordinator, at 202-513-7157 or e-mail
Maritime Documentation Internship Opportunities

Who can apply: Undergraduate or graduate students

Schedule: Summer

Interest areas: Architecture, engineering, or history, maritime preservation, on-site field work and preparation of measured and interpretive drawings and written historical reports

Stipend: $7,000

Partner: Council of American Maritime Museums

Contact: NPS/Historic American Engineering Record, Todd Croteau, Internship Coordinator, at 202-354-2167 or via e-mail
Mosaics in Science Diversity Internship Opportunities

Who can apply: Undergraduate or graduate students, 18–35 years old with focus on hiring students under-represented in natural resource (STEM) fields
Schedule: Summer; Summer; 12-week or 20-week positions available, including a career leadership workshop in August for program participants

Interest areas: Field and office based internships focused on research, inventory and monitoring, curation of park resources, and interpretation and education projects. Mosaics in Science is part of the NPS Scientists in Parks Program.

Stipend: $600-640/week, plus travel expenses and provided housing for out-of-state students.

Partners: Environment for the AmericasApplication period: December – late January

Apply here

Contact: e-mail
National Council for Preservation Education Opportunities

Who can apply: Undergraduate and graduate students, and veterans

Schedule: Year-round or summerInterest areas: Historians, archeologists, architects, curators, planners, and archivists

Stipend: $6,000-$18,000 depending on length of internships, which range from 10 weeks to 6 months

Partner: National Council for Preservation Education

Contact: NPS/Cultural Resources Office of Interpretation and Education, Paloma Bolasny, Youth Program Coordinator, at 202-354-2174 or via e-mail
National Park Business Plan Internship Opportunities

Who can apply: Graduate students (MBA, MPA, MPP, environmental and/or public lands management)

Schedule: Summer Interest areas: Management consulting, park management, strategic and operational planning, commercial services, public-private partnerships

Stipend: $825 per week 

Partner: Purposeful Growth Institute

Contact: NPS Business Management Group
Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance Program

Who can apply: Students and recent graduates

Schedule: SummerInterest areas: Natural resource conservation, outdoor recreation, trail and park designs, public-private partnerships

Stipend: Varies

Partner: Stewards Individual Placements, a program of Conservation Legacy

Contact: Alex Whittow, Program Coordinator:
Scientists in Parks Program

Who can apply: U.S. citizens 18 years of age or older. Individual project eligibility will vary.

Schedule: Year-round, 12-52 weeks.

Interest areas: Field and office-based internships focused on interdisciplinary natural resource management needs in the physical sciences, biological sciences, social sciences, and communication and education fields.

Stipend: $400-$640/week. If park housing is not available, intern will receive a higher stipend.

Partners: Stewards Individual Placement Program, Environment for the Americas, Ecological Society of America, The Geological Society of America

Application period:

Summer Internships (Start Date May-September): December– January

Winter Internships: (Start Date October-April): May-June

Apply here

Contact: e-mail or
Urban Archeology Corps Opportunities

Who can apply: Ages 15–26

Schedule: Year-roundInterest area: Archeology

Stipend: Varies

Contact: NPS Archaeology Program, Teresa Moyer via email
Park visitors Aaron and Richard Hoff seek advice at the Wilderness Information Center. August 28, 2012, Marblemount, Washington, Campers get an update on backcountry conditions from a park volunteer at NPS by Davi


There are many opportunities at parks and offices across the country to donate your time and services, whether it's for a few hours or year-round. To learn more about volunteering with the National Park Service, visit, learn about the Volunteers-In-Parks Program, or Find a Park to talk with rangers about current opportunities near you.

Last updated: November 12, 2021