Historically Black Colleges and Universities Internship Program

The Historically Black Colleges and Universities Internship Program (HBCUI) is designed to motivate program participants to get involved in protecting the natural and cultural resources in their communities and beyond. The program also enhances program participants’ understanding and appreciation of African-Americans’ important contributions to the United States’ development and progress while gaining exposure to the gamut of career opportunities in the National Park Service related to public land management.
Group of interns and NPS staff standing in front of a mural
HBCUI Interns with NPS rangers

NPS Youth Programs

Do You Qualify?

HBCUI recruits currently enrolled students from Historically Black Colleges and Universities across the country.

What are the Benefits?

  • Learn new skills
  • Gain marketable career experience
  • Network with colleagues across the country
  • Experience history through exciting work opportunities
  • Work in some of the most amazing historic locations in the country
  • Gain entry-level exposure to careers in the Federal Government

How Do You Apply?

Visit the HBCUI hbcui.org to learn more about internship offerings and how to apply.

Student Testimonials

Hunter Miles Davis, HBCUI Alumni, Hampton University

“Experiences are always the best way to learn as knowledge can always be extracted from them. My time at New Orleans Jazz National Historic Park gave me a greater understanding of the Jazz genre. As an audio engineer major, this internship was perfect for me because I was able to work in sound engineering and production. I was also able to record at multi-Grammy award winning studio, Esplande Studios on an album for the National Park Service. This inspired me to keep pushing so that one day I can become a great sound engineer.”
- Hunter Miles Davis, HBCUI Alumni, Hampton University

Alaiya Cave, HBCUI Alumni, Cheyney University 

The beauty that is the Pacific Northwest was completely unknown to me before I came and spent my summer at Mount Rainier National Park as a Greening Youth Foundation HBCUI-DHA intern. Over the past 3 months, my assignment has been focused on doing monitoring work with bats, screening for White Nose Syndrome, and monitoring for birds as well. I’m glad I got out of my comfort zone and left what I knew to experience something different. This internship helped me realize I want to explore more opportunities in the Pacific Northwest and pursue work along coasts where to acquire experience with marine life.”
- Alaiya Cave, HBCUI Alumni, Cheyney University

Taurean Merriweather, HBCUI Alumni, Tuskegee University

"The experience I gained as an Architect/Historic Preservation Intern working with the Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) has enhanced my current skills. I was able to document historic structures through field sketches, measuring and practice 3-Dimensional Laser Scanning and Photogrammetry techniques. My skills were used to produce architecture documentation that will be officially archived in the Library of Congress with my name listed as one of the participating architects. The information and exposure to the NPS was invaluable. I am forever grateful to the Greening Youth Foundation and the Heritage Documentation Programs, NPS for the opportunity and experience."
Taurean Merriweather, HBCUI Alumni, Tuskegee University

Last updated: November 30, 2023