Build Up Internship

Two interns wearing NPS tshirts and hard hats look up. One of the interns has a clipboard and the other has a camera.

NPS / Michael Johnson

Build Up Technical Internship Program is working to expand and diversify the National Park Service workforce while addressing critical maintenance needs by providing professional experiences in technical fields to students and recent graduates.

Interns will work in fields including:
  • engineering,
  • architecture,
  • community planning,
  • realty services,
  • project management,
  • social sciences,
  • geographic information systems,
  • publication services,
  • and more.
Through this program, interns will gain experience in their field of expertise, gain exposure to federal public land management, meet new mentors in their disciplines, and learn about potential job opportunities with parks and programs.
Three employees in front of a two-story blue historic house. Two of the employees are wearing NPS uniforms and the other one is wearing an intern uniform. One of the NPS workers is talking while the other worker and intern are filming.

NPS / Skyler DeYoung

Who may Apply

Undergraduate students, graduate students, and recent graduates (up to 2 years post-graduation).

Time Commitment

Minimum of 11 weeks and up to 1 year. At least 11 weeks must be 40 hours/week, but potential for some part-time work may exist.


Located at PPFL team and project locations across the country at parks, regional offices, or DC office. Some internship opportunities may be remote. Location is specified in individual internship announcements.

Housing and Other Costs

Park housing may be provided during project work when available, though housing is not guaranteed. Workspace, equipment, and supplies will be provided as needed. Details will vary and are included on individual postings.


Competitive payrate of $18/hour or higher; payrates will be included in postings. Also, interns will receive a professional development stipend.

Other Benefits

  • Gain exposure to hiring managers
  • Access to future job opportunities
  • Improve experience in your field of expertise
  • Increase exposure to federal public land management
  • Meet new mentors in your discipline
  • Develop network by engaging with NPS partners and neighboring communities
  • Potential for non-competitive hiring authority following completion of internship and degree program

How to Apply

Build Up positions currently accepting applications will be posted on our partner’s webpage: The Campaign for Historic Trades – Opportunities

Is this a Federal Job with the NPS?

No. While you will be mentored by National Park Service employee on National Park Service sites, you will be employed by one of our approved Corps Network partner organizations.


Questions? Contact our team at e-mail us.

Last updated: February 15, 2023