Day Hikes at Pictured Rocks

Hiker in Beaver Basin
Summer hiking in the Beaver Basin
Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore offers 100 miles of hiking trails leading to waterfalls, beaches, forest wilderness, cultural sites, and breathtaking cliff-top views of Lake Superior. Whether you have only a few minutes, hours, or days to see a portion of the lakeshore, one of these hikes may be for you. See the Walks & Hikes site bulletin for more details. Check the park map for locations. Nature trails include self-guided interpretive information. Here are some of the more popular trails.


Sand Point Marsh Trail - Length: 0.5 mile loop. Look for wildlife along this boardwalk trail leading through a beautiful wetland. Entrance located across from Sand Point Beach. The trail is disability accessible.

Munising Falls - Length: 800 feet one way. Stroll this paved trail into the cool shaded sandstone canyon of Munising Creek to view the 50-foot waterfall at the end.

Miners Castle Overlook - Length: 200 to 1,300 feet one way. Great views of Miners Castle, Lake Superior, and Grand Island can be accessed from three different overlooks. The upper overlook is a short walk from the Miners Castle parking lot and is also disability accessible.

Miners Castle to Miners Beach - Length: 1 mile each way. Take the trail from Miners Castle down to Miners Beach, descending through a variety of habitats and crossing the Miners River along the way. Enjoy the shore, then have someone pick you up in the beach parking lot. If you return back up the trail to Miners Castle, then this is a 2-mile round trip walk.


Miners Falls Trail
- Length: 1.2 miles round trip. This easy rolling trail takes you through the forest to view the park's most powerful waterfall from either an upper or lower platform.

Chapel Basin/Mosquito Falls Area - Length: Varies, from 2 miles round trip (Mosquito Falls) to 10 miles round trip (entire Chapel Loop.) A number of different trails and hikes lead through pristine forests to spectacular views of cliffs, beaches, waterfalls, and the famous Chapel Rock. Consult a map of the area before you go.

Beaver Basin Wilderness - Length: Varies, 3.2 miles to 5.5 miles round trip. Several hikes can be made in the Beaver Lake area leaving from the trailing parking lot just before Little Beaver Lake Campground. Consult a map of the area before you go.

Au Sable Light Station - Length: 3.0 miles round trip. Take an easy wallk along the shore from Hurricane River Campground to this isolated Lake Superior lighthouse. Exposed shipwreck remains may be viewed along the way. Guided tours of the lighthouse are provided in summer.

BE SAFE! BE PREPARED! No matter what length, any hike is more fun if you are properly prepared. Always wear sturdy shoes. If you plan to be out an extended time, let someone know where you are going and your expected time of return. Bring enough water. Carry a map, compass, or GPS, and know how to use them. Wear bright colors when hiking in hunting season. Lake Superior affects the local weather - be prepared for changes, including cool conditions and rain.

Insects such as black flies, mosquitoes, and biting stable flies may be a nuisance between late May and September. Stable flies can be relentless and aggressive along the shore on hot, humid summer days with a south wind. Insect repellent does NOT work on them and they can make your hike a misery. They tend to target hiker legs and ankles, so put some long pants and thick socks in your day pack in case you need them.

Pets are permitted only in specific areas. Please check the Pets site bulletin before you plan your hike. Bicycles are not permitted on trails. Drones are not permitted anywhere in the park. Backcountry permits are required only if you plan to camp overnight in the backcountry.

Please use toilets where provided. Otherwise, bury waste 4-6 inches deep and cover with soil. Carry out your trash.


Last updated: September 25, 2018

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