Video Player Keyboard Shortcuts

This article lists which keyboard shortcuts can be used to control the NPS Video Player in both Flash and HTML5 rendering modes.

The video player supports keyboard control through a set of keyboard shortcuts. This allows your viewers to be able to have effortless and accessible video experience with just the keyboard. With just a few keystrokes, you can tab to the a video player on the page and then use the provided shortcuts to begin playback. The player keyboard shortcuts are active when you tab into the Player or after you have clicked into it. To disable the shortcuts, just tab or click outside of the player.


Due to a security feature, not all alphanumeric keys are available when in fullscreen mode. These shortcuts will only work when outside of fullscreen. Keyboard shortcuts are also not supported in Internet Explorer 8.

Keyboard Shortcut


Space Play/Pause video playback
Enter Play/Pause video playback
m Mute/Unmute video volume
Up & Down Arrows Increase/Decrease volume by 10%
Right & Left Arrows Seek Forwards/Backwards by 5 seconds
0-9 Fast seek to n% of video (0 = 0%, 1 = 10% ... 9 = 90%)
f Enter or exit fullscreen. In flash press the Esc key.

Last updated: September 21, 2017

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