Pets at Pictured Rocks

This toy poodle enjoys an afternoon at Miners Beach.
Webmaster's dog on leash at Miners Beach

NPS photo / Brenda St. Martin

Planning to visit with your pet?

There are limited places pets can visit, but they can still enjoy a bit of the park with you.

Beaches, including Sand Point, Miners Beach and the day use areas at the developed campgrounds, and scenic sites, including Miners Castle and Munising Falls, are great places to visit with your furry friend. Please Remember, pets need to be on a six foot leash at all time, even when swimming.

Pets are not permitted in the park's hiking trails, backcountry and backcountry campgrounds, and in the forests and fields because they may become lost; be injured by porcupines or other wildlife; intimidate other visitors; harass, injure, or kill wildlife; or disturb other hikers and campers.

Also Remember...

Though pets are permitted on personal or rental boats on Lake Superior, they are not permitted on lakeshore beaches in the backcountry. This includes - but is not limited to - Mosquito and Chapel Beaches.
Pogo the poodle on Hurricane River beach
Poodle standing watch on the beach

NPS photo / Brenda St. Martin

Below is a list of places that your pet is allowed to join you on vacation...

Munising Falls
- parking and picnic areas, trail to the falls
Sand Point - parking and picnic areas, beaches and road
Miners Falls - parking and picnic areas
Miners Castle - parking and picnic areas and overlook
Miners Beach - parking and picnic areas, beach and trail to the beach
Little Beaver Lake, Twelevemile Beach, and Hurricane River Campgrounds - campgrounds only
Beaver Basin overlook - parking area and road
Log Slide - parking and picnic areas
Grand Sable Lake overlook - parking and picnic areas
Grand Sable Visitor Center - parking and picnic areas
Grand Sable Lake boat ramp - parking and picnic areas
Sable Falls - parking and picnic areas

For more detailed information, please read the Pets at the Lakeshore site bulletin (pdf).

From National Parks Traveler
National Parks Going to the Dogs!
Bailey the Wonder Dog loves a good boat ride.  But she doesn't set foot on dry land in the PRNL backcountry.
Bailey the Wonder Dog

Chris Case photo

Additional Information
Pet boarding - Puppy Paws in Wetmore, Michigan.
Phone 906-387-4035

Pet sitting - Hurricane River Pet Services in Au Train, Michigan.
Phone 906-203-0587

Last updated: June 22, 2017

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