North Side Backpacking Information

  1. Have a copy of your permit visible on your backpack or in an accessible pocket to share with a Park Ranger
  2. Properly store food and scented items overnight or when unattended
    • This includes all food (dehydrated/canned also), toiletries (sunscreen, Chapstick, etc.), trash & any liquids other than water
    • Some areas require a bear canister so check your specific campsites before you head out on the Interactive Trip Planner Map page
    • Food storage options include:
      • Park-approved bear canisters
      • Park installed bear wires (where available)
        • Note: bear wires can become damaged and unusable so double check with your local WIC and/or bring extra cordage as a backup
      • Hanging a durable sack 12 ft. off the ground and 10 ft. out from the tree trunk
  3. Keep the water we drink clean by using privies when available or digging catholes 6-8 in deep & 200 ft (about 70 paces) from campsites, trails & water sources
  4. Pets are not permitted on park trails, meadows, beaches or in any undeveloped area of the park. For more information on where pets are allowed visit: Pets in Olympic National Park
  5. Local search and rescue resources are limited and may not always be available. Plan within your abilities to help reduce the need for emergency responses
Borrowing Bear Canisters

Northwest Trail Descriptions
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Northeast Trail Descriptions


Last updated: December 10, 2023

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