NPS Centennial

The National Park Service turned 100 on August 25, 2016, and we're celebrating all year long! Throughout 2016, we invite you to participate in Find Your Park Experiences to learn, discover, be inspired, or simply have fun in national parks. Find Your Park Experiences offer unique opportunities to explore national parks both in person and online. Check out the experiences in this park or search all experiences to identify an opportunity that matches your interests. You can also share your national park story at

A Call to Action remains the foundation for our 2016 centennial efforts. It is the National Park Service's blueprint for the future, outlining the innovative work we want to accomplish. Minuteman Missile National Historic Site is a big part of this effort. Take a look at what we're doing and get involved!



  • All Aboard with Trails & Rails

    An Amtrak passenger train rounds the bend in a canyon.

    All aboard for your next National Park adventure! Trails & Rails guides will help you Find Your Park from the comfort of your seat. Ride with our talented Trails & Rails volunteers on many Amtrak routes across the country. Read more

  • Life Behind Blast Doors

    Heavy blast door with a cartoon of a cigar smoking dog holding a missile.

    Two Air Force officers served 24-hour tours underground as watchkeepers over ten Minuteman II missiles during the Cold War. Learn more about the routines they followed while working the front line of the Cold War. Read more

  • Spot a (Former) Nuclear Missile Silo

    A security fence bearing a brown identifying sign.

    The South Dakota landscape hides former nuclear missile silos in plain sight, many of them are in close proximity to Badlands National Park. Once you know what to look for and where to look, these remnants of the Cold War are easily found. Read more

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